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Welcome to the CHECHELNIK BOOKS Database

This database contains two kind of books:
  • Browsable books: scanned images of the original books that can be browsed online
  • Searchable and Browsable books: the scanned images have been treated with the following automatic process: 1) digitized with an OCR, 2) converted to the reformed Russian orthography, 3) translated to English by Google. Therefore it is expected to have many errors.
    Despite the errors, this treatment allows you to perform searches both in Cyrillic and Roman. You can also browse the books page by page.
    The digitized texts (corrected Russian and Translated to English) can be found below each page image of the book.
  • Search the Chechelnik Books database
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    Searchable and Browsable Books
    1895 - Podolsk address calendar471
    Only Browsable Books
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