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Projects and support

The Chechelnik team has a number of projects on going concerning Chechelnik:

* Creating the KehilaLink
* Enlarging of the Chechelnik records collection (Ukraine Database)
     - Identifiying available "fonds"
     - Acquiring, indexing and translating new "fonds"

The Chechelnik team, as well as the rest of JewishGen is mainly supported by volunteers and donations.
In order to succeed in this ambitious project, we need your help that can be on several forms:
* Improving the Chechelnik KehilaLink
     - If you have information, documents or pictures related to Chechelnik
     - If you can write an article about a subject related to Chechelnik
     - If you want to share a family story or anecdote
* Enlarging the Chechelnik Database
     - If you have documents or data related to Chechelnik people (vital records, census, other historic documents)
     - If you can work on the classifiying of the data available on the internet
You can contact us.

You can also make a donation to the Ukraine SIG Program on the JewishGen-erosity (the main target is the acquisition and translation of new "fonds")

Thanks in advance for your support.

Ariel Parkansky
Chechelnik Town Leader

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