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Discussion Groups

Mailing Lists

A good way to learn more about Odessa, get informed about what happens, get answers to your questions, share your experiences and find other people looking for the same ancestors is to subscribe to the discussion mailing lists.

You should subscribe to Ukraine SIG discussion list at JewishGen, the general discussion list for the JewishGen's Ukraine Special Interest Group. You can subscribe here (you have to be registred to JewishGen to do it).


A forum provides the same benefits as the mailing lists but you don't receive a mail digest with every discussion. You have to check it regularly and you must specifically define for which threads you want to receive updates by mail.

If you are fluent in Russian (or if you manage yourself with google translate) you should also register as a user at forum.j-roots.info. This is a global Jewish Genealogy discussion group for the Russian Empire and the benefit is that most of the genealogists are originary from the URSS and have "inside" information that is hard to find for american or european researchers.

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