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Old Pictures and Postcards


Sokal main square

Jewish square Rynek Nowy

Park - previously the Jewish Area

Synagogue before destruction

Synagogue now

Jewish Cemetery - location Ulica Szewczenk

The Jewish Cemetery in Sokal does not exist anymore.  The land has been developed and houses built over this ground.  All that remains are the path and steps to the side of where the Cemetery used to be.

Brick factory Ulica Shevchenko

This brick factory - still working today - is where many Jews were forced to work by the Germans.  It was near here where during our visit to Sokal in 2012, we met by chance a kind old Polish woman who told us her story of two badly injured (raped and tortured) Jewish girls.   She helped to hide them and treat their injuries, until they eventually managed to escape and find freedom.

Ulica Mizsudskiego Hospital and surrounds

Previously known as Bethani or Beschame Hospital

Where they rest at Ulica Mizsudskiego

During the pogroms of the 1940's, many Jews were marched out of town, shot to death on the side of the road and subsequently buried in the adjacent field in mass graves.  An old lady, who had been a teenager during this time, led us to the area and described how the blood would flow down the street when the massacres were occuring.

There is no commemoration to remember the terrible events that occured here. If we had not by chance met this kind lady, we would never have found the area.  Here is the final Resting Place for many of Sokal's unfortunate Jews.