Books and Stories

This section presents various stories, articles, books, documentaries etc., that have been located on the Web and are relevant to the story of Jews in Sokal. Click on the highlighted links to view the details.

Executed Today - 1942: 5 Jews in Sokal

Short story about five innocent Jews shot in Sokal in 1942. It includes a picture of the Synagogue before it was damaged.
The website Executed Today is a daily chronicle — for each day of the year it presents the story of an historical execution that took place on that date, and the story behind it.

Filmmaker recounts saga of survival

An article by the New Jersey Jewish News On-line describing how Judy Maltz was inspired to make a documentary about Francisca Halamajowa, the Polish woman who saved 15 Jews, including Judy's grandfather.

No. 4 Street Of Our Lady

 Documentary made by Judy Maltz, granddaughter of Moshe Maltz about the incredible efforts of Polish woman Francisca Halamajowa and her daughter Hela to save the life of 15 Jews.


Portrait of a Jewish boy holding a skate in Sokal, Poland

A picture of Dov Zugman as a boy in Sokal in 1938.  Included is his remarkable story of survival from the Holocaust.

Spiderweb for Eternity

My wife Trish Lentz's story of how her research into my family history led to the discovery of my roots in Sokal.  This in turn led her to a desire to create a family tree, not just for our own family, but for all the people whose roots are from Sokal.  Eventually, we travelled to the Ukraine and Sokal and documented our findings and impressions within this story.

The Death March

The gripping story of 2000 Jews marched from Chelm-Hrubieshow to Sokal.