Sokal Family Tree

In October 2011 on I started a Sokal Jewish family Tree.

The aim of this site is to get all ancestors and their descendants on this tree, which is developing into a huge “spiderweb”. Why? Because most people in Sokal were in one way or another related!

The MyHeritage system is being used to put all Jewish families who lived in the town of Sokal on this site to “Honour their Memory Forever”. Much of this data has been found on existing records of and Only approximately 30 people of the 7500 Jews (1940) from Sokal survived the Holocaust.

I hope descendants will be added by yourself, preferably with photos or documents you can attach to their profiles. Please become a member if you are not already and extend your family on this tree. You also might find relatives you did not know about! We currently have over 200 members.

My husband Martin's family is from Sokal.  Most of them perished in the Holocaust.

By no means is this site 100% accurate and is still a work in progress. To date we have approximately 20000 profiles of 900 families on this site and some 70 more families to go.

You're welcome to provide any updates for errors or omissions you are aware of.

Trish Lentz

Aug 2013