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Photographs of Radauti

(All July 1998 photos by Bruce I. Reisch Copyright © 1998)

The following photos were taken during the July, 1998, trip of Bruce Reisch to Bukovina, see story: "Back to Bukovina."

Main entrance to the Great Temple of Radauti

The ark of the Great Temple of Radauti

The Jewish Cemetery of Radauti, on the western edge of town. The cemetery is fairly well cared for; a paid caretaker lives nearby.

Monument to the Jews of Radauti who perished in the Holocaust in Transnistria. Erected just inside the main gate of the Jewish Cemetery. Soap made from the bodies of Holocaust victims was recovered after the war and buried here.

The train tracks run right through the center of town, next to houses of the Austrian era.

The Carpathian Mountains of Bukovina

Hotel Azur on Calea Cernauti in Radauti

The Friday morning market, where chickens are for sale.

Cheese for sale, Friday morning market in Radauti.

The former home of Idel Halpern and family (Chinka Brucker Halpern, Hinde Brucker Halpern, Mendel Halpern, Susi Schachter, Moshe Schachter, and many others), Regina Maria Street, now Uno Mai. Bakery was on the left side. Hinde Halpern was the photographer's great grandmother. Mendel Halpern survived Transnistria and returned to Radauti where he helped to re-build the Great Temple after the second World War. He has written moving stories about his days of despair in Transnistria.

Chesed Shel Emeth Shul, presently a bottle return facility.

In the central part of Radauti, on Piata Unirii. The cobblestone streets have been paved with asphalt, and new sidewalks are being installed.

The following two photos are courtesy of Merle Kastner of Montreal.

The Srul Kastner home in Radauti, prior to 1941

On left, the home that was owned by M.M. Dalfen until he left Radauti for Canada (ca. 1935).
The home was sold to Yankel Kastner (shown here), who was to fall victim to the Holocaust in Transnistria just a few years later.

Copyright © 1998 Bruce I. Reisch