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The Rennert Family of Radauti -

A collection of Rennert family photos

(from Dr. Gad Rennert)


Adolf, Mina, Ethel, Peppi (mother), and Erich DLUGACZ.

Mina and Rosi DLUGACZ of Radautz, Bukowina, 1919.

DLUGACZ family photo - Nachman and Peppi (nee Gold) with Rosa, Ethel, Yosel, Mina and Elka.

Peppi DLUGACZ (nee Gold), Radautz, 1930.

DLUGACZ siblings - possibly Rosa, Ethel, Lea and Mina plus unknowns.
LIKVORNIK family of Radautz, 1924. Fini, Isaac, Margit, Rudi, Clara and Fritzi.

David and Rosa RENNERT with Mita, 1922.

Hersch Zvi RENNERT, Radautz, 1930.
RENNERT siblings: Michael, David, Fani, Tetush, Pinkas and Adolf.
RENNERT family: Tetush, Fani and Ruth; Adolf and Mother Peppi (Katz); Sami (Tidhar) and Heini, 1934.
An unknown RENNERT from Radautz.