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Information on Radauti Landsmannschaften

In the New York City area, Jews from Radauti formed a Landsmannschaft known as the Independent Radautz Bukowina Benevolent Association. Very limited records are stored in the YIVO Archives. Burial plots for members were located at the Mt. Zion Cemetery, Maspeth, Queens, New York, and at the Beth Israel Cemetery in Woodbridge, New Jersey. A list of those buried at Mt. Zion is available, and some additional information about the Beth Israel location follows below.

In Israel, there is a group known as the Organization of Former Radautz Bukowina Residents. It is a philanthropic society providing aid to those in need, with roots in Radautz, both in Romania and in Israel. This group was responsible for the 1987 construction of a
significant memorial to the Jews of Radauti who perished in Transnistria. Lists of names of the martyrs of Radauti are published on the web. This memorial is located not far from the main entrance to the cemetery in Holon, Israel (Gush 15, Ezor 3, Rows 16-17).

This same Organization was also responsible for the publication of a Memorial (Yizkor) Book about Radauti, as well as a videotape honoring the community. By sending a contribution, you may request a copy of the Yizkor book, which was written primarily in Hebrew, as well as German. For contact with this Organization, write to:
Mr. Emil Grabstein
Organization of Former Radautz Bukowina Residents
POB 11244
Tel Aviv 61112
(Post Office Branch Zamenhof)

The IND. RADAUTZ BUC. B. A. - the Independent Radautz Bucowina Burial Association had burial plots at both the Mt. Zion Cemetery, Maspeth, New York, as well as at the Beth Israel Cemetery of Woodbridge, New Jersey, USA. The Association included as members:

and the following as officers:

  • Joseph GOTTESMAN, Vice-Pres.
  • Isidor KLANG, Ex-Pres.
  • A.D. HAMMER, Ex-Pres.
  • Harry KERN, Fin. Secy.
  • Morris WININGER, Rec. Secy.
  • I. HERER, Trustee
  • Sol FITZER, Treas.
  • Lottie HARTH & Yetta SANDLER, Relief
  • Sam KORN, Inner Guard
  • Nell HAMMER

FITZER Family members buried at Beth Israel, in the Ind. Radautz Buc. B. A. plots, follow.


Alex FITZER, age 61, died 12July 1949.
Wife Eva, age 60, died 7 Sept 1947.
Max FITZER, age 72, died 22 May 1969.
Solomon FITZER, age 74, died 3 July 1956.

The Independent Bukovinaer Young Men's and Young Ladies' Benevolent Society was founded in New York City in 1906. Information on this and other Bukowina Landsmannschaften may be found here. Some Anniversary Journals with lists of members, past and present, have been posted on the web.

If you have additional information on Radauti Landsmannschaften in New York or in other parts of the world, I would be happy to add it here. Please contact Bruce Reisch .

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