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dedicated to the memory of our Bukowina ancestors.

1. The "Radautz Jewish Heritage" website was merged with the Radauti KehilaLinks website in July 2011. The Radautz Jewish Heritage site includes detailed documentation of burials in the Radauti Jewish Cemetery.
2. Join the Czernowitz/Sadgora/Bukovina Discussion Group
3. A summary of resources for Jewish Bukowina research
4. "My Kastner and Nathanson ‘Roots’ Trip to Bucovina and Moldavia, July, 2012" - a most moving and valuable report prepared by Merle Kastner of Montreal
The first in a series of searchable vital record indices was released in December 2016: The Radauti Marriages Database. The Radauti Death Registers Database was released in April 2017. The birth registers database is coming soon.



The Great Temple of Radauti, July 1998

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From a recent government tourist pamphlet for Radauti and surrounding area:

Radauti, one of the oldest places of Moldavia, is situated at the foot of the Obcinele Bucovinea, at an altitude of 374 m from the sea level, and at a distance of 37 km from Suceava. Radauti was documentary certified in 1392 under the name Radomir's village. There are some opinions which suggest that Radauti derives from Radomir, others sustain that its origins must be sought in ancient times and that its name derives from the Latin word Rottacenum - "rotta" meaning wheel or round, and 'ciner" meaning ashes, therefore a round place for incineration. Situated in a region with unrivaled monuments of feudal art, a region where many great rulers and voivoids were buried, Radauti was visited by many tourists along the time, because whether you want to go to Putna or Sucevita, Margine or Arbore, you have to go through Radauti.

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