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The Brucker Family of Radauti -

A collection of Brucker family photos from a variety of sources


Photograph from the back of a postcard. This picture was taken in Radauti, ca. 1918. From left to right: Leiser Littman SCHÄCHTER, Tsippi SCHÄCHTER, Moshe SCHÄCHTER, Hinde (BRUCKER) SCHÄCHTER, and seated in the middle is Suzi SCHÄCHTER.

Celia (BRUCKER) GLASSMAN of New York, and her brother Hyman BRUCKER of Montreal, ca. 1940s. Celia and Hyman were siblings of Hinde, pictured above. Photograph kindly supplied by Simon Glassman, New York.

This is an unidentified photo from the estate of Max (Matatyahu) BRUCKER of Montreal. This photo, as well as the photo below, appear in a family composite photo of Max and his wife, Sara Malka SIMON. Max (1875-1958) and his father, Raphael BRUCKER (1842-1906), both emigrated to Montreal, so it is possible that one of these photographs is of Max' father, Raphael. If you can identify these two individuals, please write to Bruce Reisch <>. Photo kindly supplied by Anne and Lewis Soroka, St. Catherines, Ontario, Canada.
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