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Photographs of Radauti

July, 2001

Yitzhak and Cipi Gilat

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Copyright © 2001 Yitzhak and Cipi Gilat

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(These photographs are reproduced here with the kind permission of Yitzhak and Cipi Gilat, Raanana, Israel.

Processing and digitization by HAMAABADA LTD. Professional Photo Laboratories, 98 Dizengoff street Tel-Aviv)


Cipi GILAT visiting the grave of her grandfather, Berl KASTNER.

"An honest, decent, god-fearing man,

Dov Berl, son of Yaacov Yosef, passed away 5 Kislev 1932

aged 59 years."

Close up view of the Berl Kastner matzevah.

"An important old woman, Beila KASTNER, daughter of Mordechai Meir."
Great grandfather of Cipi Gilat: Josef Leib SCHACHTER, son of Moshe Avraham.
Shmuel Sanvill (or Zanvill) son of Reuven
passed away on the 29th of Tishrei 1949

Sarah Schachter died August 17, 1940

Our days spent crying at your feet
All too early you are in this grave
You were our pride and our joy
Which are both buried here with you


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