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Lyubar, Ukraine

49°55' N /27°45' E
205 km WSW of Kyyiv, 47 miles WSW of Zhytomer,
37 miles W of Berdychiv, 17 miles SE of Polonnoye





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(Rus, Ukr)   Lubar (Polish)   Lieber Tov (Yiddish)  
Liubar   Lubar    Lubartiv   Lubartow

  1. 1) NEW! On June 20, 2019, I will be speaking at the Opening Ceremony for a memorial being placed on the two Lyubar mass grave sites by the Protecting Memory Project, which is funded by a German government grant. If you would like to follow my Living Travel Journal back to Lyubar on Tripcast, where I will post photos and blog about the experience, please follow me at - Ellen Shindelman Kowitt

  2. 2) NEW! May 2019 - Seeking a Polish translator in Israel to visit the Central Archives of the History of the Jewish People (CAHJP at Hebrew University in Jerusalem) to access the following 1759 Jewish tax collection list: Regestr podatków z żydowskiej gminy Lubar.: Copied Material at CAHJP -- Ukraine - Copied Material -- Центральний державний історичний архів України, Київ (ЦДІАК) - Copied Material -- Любомирские (Archiwum Lubomirskich)

  3. 3) NEW! May 2019 Historian Deborah Glassman's website "Jewish Families of Ostropol" continues to add free surname indices to records for Lyubar families. Search your surnames at:

  1. 4) NEW! May 2019 "Bolshevik Onslaught Red Army Newspaper" January 17, 1944, Never forget, never forgive! by First Lieutenant Sterlin. Translated from Russian by Dr. Mark Fisher, March 14, 2019 .

  2. 5) NEW! May 2019 Tsal Kaplun Foundation has extracted names of Lyubar Jews from the following:
    1. 1862-63 Revision List (DAZO-118-14-319) from Novograd Volynsk Uzed for Lyubar lists GILLER, GIRSHEL, KOFMAN, LOYFER, TARAN,and GITER
    2. 1907 Voter Registration List (same as Deborah Glassman's list)

  3. 6) Yahad-In Unum's In Evidence: Holocaust by Bullets Map includes a town page for Lyubar with references and video of eyewitness testimony to 1941 Jewish executions (with English subtitles.)

  4. 7) Contribute to a list of known rabbis and cantors in Lyubar.

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Famous Jews from Lyubar are writer Ikhil Shmulevich FALIKMAN (1911-1977) and Aaron Alterovich VERGELIS (1918-1999), a poet, songwriter, and editor-in-chief of Yiddish literary journal Sovietish Haimland.

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This website was created and is maintained by Ellen SHINDELMAN KOWITT (ESK) in memory of her grandfather, Pincus/Pinya/Paul SHINDELMAN (born in Lyubar in 1902 and died in Brooklyn, NY in 1978) and dedicated to her great aunt Bronia SHINDELMAN (born in Lyubar in 1914 and died in Springfield, NJ in 2004). The KARGER/SHINDELMAN families lived in Lyubar for at least 143 years.

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