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Lyubar, Ukraine

4955' N /2745' E
205 km WSW of Kyyiv, 47 miles WSW of Zhytomer,
37 miles W of Berdychiv, 17 miles SE of Polonnoye





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Encyclopedia, Gazetteer, Newspaper, and Book References

  • Jewish Encyclopedia "Cossacks Uprising" by Herman ROSENTHAL lists the 1648-1658 attack on Lyubar.
  • Volynskie Gubernskie Vedomosti (Volynian Provincial Records) "The Borough of Liubar" by Priest V. KOMASHKO. Issues #40-42; published October 1861. Translated from Russian by Elena TSVETKOVA of BLITZ Russian-Baltic Information Center. Provides detailed information about life and landmarks in Liubar.
  • Slownik Geograficzny Krolestwa Polskiego i Innych Krajow Slowian'skich (Geographic Dictionary of the Former Kingdom of Poland and other Slavic Lands) "Lubar" published 1884; page 375 translated from Polish by Lawrence KRUPNAK, East Europe Connection.
  • Evreiskaia Entsiklopedia (Jewish Encyclopedia) Lyubar listing, volume 10; pages 421-422, published 1906-1913. Translated from Russian by Boris FELDBLUM of FAST Genealogy. Similar, but unidentified encyclopedia listing for Lyubar in German, pages 1068-1069. Translated from German by Peter LANDE.
  • Bolshaya Sovetskaya Entsiklopedia, Lyubar listing, vol. 25, page 526. Translated from Russian by Boris FELDBLUM of FAST Genealogy. Published after 1953.
  • Where Once We Walked (gazetteer) by Gary MOKOTOFF & Sallyann SACK with Alexander SHARON, page 214, Avotaynu Inc. 2002.


  • Yakov KAPER's "Thorny Road" from Nothing is Forgotten, Jewish Fates in Kiev 1941-1943. Pages 252-305. Published in  three languages 1993, Germany. Yakov KAPER was born in Lyubar and was one of 18 survivors (only 5 were Jewish) at   "Babi Yar" in Kiev. He testified at Nuremberg.
  • Ikhil Shmulevitch FALIKMAN's "Stariy (Old) Lyubar" from Semia Chelovecheskaia: Povesti i Rasskazy (Family of Man) pgs. 262-267. Originally published 1975, Kiev, in Yiddish. Translated from Russian by Evgeny Jake BERZON. Ikhil FALIKMAN was born in Lyubar. This is a fictional account of war events there.
  • Volodymyr Matviiovych KHYZHNIAK's book Liubar written in Ukrainian, published in Kyiv, 1972 . US copies held at Columbia University, Harvard University, and University of Chicago. Appears to be non-fiction about a man called "Liubar" who is a fisherman and explores nature circa mid-twentieth century after WWII. The origin of his name and whether he is ever in the shtetl of Lyubar is unclear from a cursory review of the book. Not a Jewish story.

    Other Historical Links

  • Russian Military History by Micha JELISAVCIC and John SLOAN. 1660 description of Polish-Russian war account in Liubar.
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