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the Jewish shtetl of Lyubar, Ukraine,

Alternate town names include:

Lieber Tov

There is no yizkor memorial book to document the Jewish history of Lyubar, Ukraine nor commemorate the names of its pogrom and Holocaust victims. There are however, genealogical documents and historical sources available which provide perspective about the community and town. It can be ascertained that Jews have lived in Lyubar since the late 15th century.

Many descendants of Jews from Lyubar continue to research this shtetl and live in the United States, Canada, Israel, Germany, England, France, and North Ireland. As of July 1999, two Jewish families remained living in Lyubar, although the youngest are intermarried and spoke of emigrating for economic advantage.

Organized landsmanshaftn such as the First Lyuberer Benevolent Association begun in New York in 1895 and the Lyuberer-Ostroply of Montreal, Canada no longer meet. However, cemeteries, photos, and records from these expatriate groups survive.

Perhaps the best and most personal historical accounts are from survivors of World War II (or the Great Patriot War) who live in the United States, Israel, Russia, and Ukraine today. These individuals provide a number of memoirs and group photos from annual gatherings which occured on the site of the mass grave erected in 1972. Now, a group gathers in Beersheva, Israel each fall to remember the attrocity that occurred in Lyubar on September 13, 1941.

Read about an effort by gentile school children in Lyubar to acknowledge the Jewish community history of their town including the Holocaust.

Famous Jews from Lyubar include writer Ikhil Shmulevich FALIKMAN (1911-1977) and Aaron Alterovich VERGELIS (1918-1999), a poet, songwriter, and editor-in-chief of Yiddish literary journal Sovietish Haimland.

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