Personal Memoirs of the Twentieth Century
  • Untitled poem by Boris (Lyusik) DEKHTYAR about the mass gravesite in Lyubar. Written in September 1991 and published in Ukrainian for a Lyubar newspaper by Roza PRIVEN. Translated from Russian by Boris FELDBLYUM.
  • Yakov KAPER's "Thorny Road" from Nothing is Forgotten, Jewish Fates in Kiev 1941-1943. Pages 252-305. Published in three languages 1993, Germany. Placed online by Stuart STEIN. Yakov KAPER was born in Lyubar and was one of 14 survivors (only 5 were Jewish) at "Babi Yar" in Kiev. He testified at Nuremberg.
  • Perl KANTOR's memoir "After All" as published by Judith AGRACHEVA in Vesti newspaper April 27, 1995. Translated from Russian by Dr. Mark FISHER.
  • Efim ZEIDENBERG's "It Was in Lyubar" as published in Turbota Chesed Avot (From the Bottom of the Heart) newspaper June 1997. Translated from Russian by Rita ZAPRUDSKY.
  • Moisey Davidovich SHAKHNOVICH's biography as reported by the Simon Weisenthal Center in Los Angeles, 1997.
  • Anna SHMAIGER KINOVSK's revised (February 2006) testimony about surviving the Holocaust in Lyubar with good detail about the ghetto.
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