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Lyubar, Ukraine

49°55' N /27°45' E
205 km WSW of Kyyiv, 47 miles WSW of Zhytomer,
37 miles W of Berdychiv, 17 miles SE of Polonnoye





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Lyubar Russian Empire Revision List Indexing Project last updated 12/22/2019

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It is my pleasure (ESK) to unveil the Lyubar Revision List Indexing Project conducted by our friend and partner Deborah Glassman. Based in Washington state, Deb is a longtime volunteer, translator, and professional historical researcher in the Jewish genealogy community. She has a personal interest in Lyubar as well as in nearby Ostropol. We owe her our gratitude and awe as she created both a “Page Index Finding Aid by Town"
to the over 9,000 pages where Lyubar and 12 other towns appear in 9 different Novograd-Volynsk District Revision List books (other towns include Baranivka, Berezdiv, Horodnytsia, Korets, Krasnostav, Myropil, Nova Chortoryia, Novohrad-Volynskyi City, Ostropol, Polonne, Rohachiv, and Romaniv) AND she created a "Lyubar Revision List Master Surname Index" specifically for the 900+ pages where 601 principal Lyubar surnames were found. Deb did all of this translation and indexing work FREE of charge.


I travelled to the Zhytomir State Archive in Ukraine this past June (2019), and with Alex Krakovsky's assistance, I obtained the digitized scans of these Revision Lists for Lyubar. Money raised by Lyubar genealogists and friends paid (8 cents per page) for these records to be acquired and scanned.

A Revision List is a census organized by the male heads of most households and was conducted by the Russian Empire to tax subjects and to conscript young boys for the military. Not everyone in a town was enumerated though. Other members of a household listed might include wives, daughters, and other males. You can read more about who might be excluded from the lists as well as the history of these lists on Deb’s website at <>. Understand that there are no stand-alone Lyubar Revision List books; the Lyubar sections are inside the larger Novograd-Volynsk District books, and all of the material is in handwritten Russian script. You are welcome to view the scanned Revision Lists images for Lyubar for 1816, 1834, 1850, and 1858 plus all of the supplements on Alex Krakovsky’s website.


Deb has additionally created a new way to evaluate sequence as an essential element of Russian Empire Revision Lists and calls her analysis a “Head of Household Report.” It differs from most indexes on JewishGen and other commercial websites in that the material not only identifies an individual head of a household by name and appearance on one list, but it evaluates where in the list a household appears and compares how it changes over many years of additional revisions and supplements. You can use the sequence to tell you new facts such as surname changes, relationships between immediately sequential households, changes in tax status between guild merchant and townsman, as well as seeing explanations for leaving Lyubar such as military conscription, exile, or relocation to or from another town. As this is a customized analysis, Deb is charging $100 to generate a report for each surname found in the Lyubar list. (A discount is available for those who donated money to the acquisition of these records.) Please contact Deb directly if you are interested at


1) Find your surname on the Lyubar Revision List Master Surname Index. Free

2) Note the row numbers next to your surname. Free

3) Find your row number in one of the ten matrix tables - the rows are sequential. Free

4) In matrix, note RL book and page numbers for EACH revision list year where your household is found. Free

5) Access the link for each RL below on Alex Krakovsky's website and scroll to your page number. Free
6) Print or save a copy of your page. It will be in Russian handwriting.
See a SAMPLE “Head of Household Analysis/Report” that Deb will create for your surname. Free

8) For an exact translation of the page or to order a Head of Household Analysis/Report of the information found, contact Deb. $

Direct links to Lyubar Images in Novograd-Volynsk District Revision Books on Krakovsky website.

Note that these are listed in his Table of Contents under "Volhyn Province: 3.6 Novograd-Volynsk"

1816 revision list + supplements >1827 - file #118-14-172: Click Here - Lyubar pages 335-478
1834 revision list + supplements - file #118-14-187: Click Here -
Lyubar pages 3–203
1850-1851 revision list + supplements - file #118-14-197: Click Here -
Lyubar pages 667–821; 852-876
1853-1856 supplements - file #118-14-195: Click Here -
Lyubar pages 96-103; 140-143

1858 revision list - file #118-14-207: Click Here - Lyubar pages 944-1223

1858-1860 supplements - file #118-14-209: Click Here - Lyubar pages 357-360; 365-437; 617-618; move from Lyubar to Polonne 328
1862-1863 supplements - file #118-14-319: Click Here -
Lyubar pages 379-393
1862-1868 supplements - file #118-14-221: Click Here -
Lyubar pages 284-290
1872-1874 revision list tbd
NEW! 1874-1882 supplements
- file #118-14-354: Click Here -
Lyubar page index coming soon

Other links:

 -Read Deb’s explanation about how the index and matrix tables are organized as well as historical background.
 -Read my August 2019 article about the Novograd-Volynsk District Revision Lists' “ Page Index Finding Aid by Town” on Lara Diamond’s Jewnealogy Blog.
Also see "Metric Books of the Volhyn Province." This is a work in progress (690 books!) with additional digitized images being added by Alex Krakovsky. Lyubar vital records (birth, marriage, divorce, death) would be included inside a Novograd-Volynsk or Zhytomir District book depending on the year, but there is no index. If you find Lyubar in any of these books, please let me know..

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