Huşi, Romania

46°41' N, 28°04' E

Alternate names: Huşi [Rom], Khush [Yid], Husch [Ger], Hussburg [Ger], Khushi [Rus], Huszváros [Hun]

Our Husi Families: Schwartz

Feiga Schwartz was born in Russia in 1833. Her parents crossed the Prut River when she was 3 years old to Hoceni near Husi. She and her husband, Azriel, had 5 children: Ahron, Yanku, Lea, Mathilda, and Abraham. Feiga and Azriel lived on Shtepan Cel Mare Street. Feige died at the age of 104 in Husi.

Abraham Schwartz was born in Husi in 1870 to Azriel and Feiga Schwartz. He lived on Ghica Voda Street after the death of his wife, Rachel Herschkovich, in Hirlau in 1935. Abraham died in Bucarest in 1956.

Abraham and Rachel Schwartz's daughter, Bertha, was born in Husi in 1900. This photo shows Bertha with her husband, Osias Haber, in Husi on their wedding day in 1927. Bertha died in Israel in 1972.

Abraham Schwartz with his grandchildren, siblings Schrage (left)and Renni (right) Haber.

Sara Schwartz (left) and Pnina Schwarz (right) were two of Abraham and Rachel Schwartz's other daughters and Bertha's sisters. Both Sara and Pnina died when they were only about 10.

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