Huşi, Romania

46°41' N, 28°04' E

Alternate names: Huşi [Rom], Khush [Yid], Husch [Ger], Hussburg [Ger], Khushi [Rus], Huszváros [Hun]

Husi Today: Maps

Map of eastern Europe, showing current borders and location of Husi, Romania


"As the crow flies," Husi is located 65 km (40 mi) southeast of Iasi, 33 km (21 mi) south of Raducaneni, 26 km (16 mi) east of Vaslui, and 25 km (16 mi) north-northwest of Leova.

On the larger scale, Husi is located 293 km (182 mi) northeast of Bucharest and 203 km (126 mi) west of Odessa.

Click here for a "live" Google map of Husi.

DN24 is the road connecting Iasi to the north and Vaslui to the south. This photo was taken where the county road, 244D, turns east toward Husi, midway on DN24 between Iasi and Vaslui. A faster route from Iasi to Husi by car is to take DN28 from Iasi, passing through Raducaneni and Dranceni, and then following DN24B/E581 into Husi.

Map collage

Getting to Husi can be complicated, but does not need to involve a horse-drawn cart. Once you get to Iasi, you can take a train to Vaslui and then from Vaslui to Husi. There are frequent buses running from Iasi to Vaslui and Husi. Or rent a car in Iasi and drive south to Husi.

In this aerial view, you can see how most of the land between Husi and the Prut River is still mostly farms. Husi is on the middle left and the Prut is on the right.

NOTE: This is a "live" Bing map. You can drag it around, enlarge or reduce the area, etc. As of this writing, it works in Chrome, Edge, and Vivaldi browsers, but isn't working in Firefox. Sorry. The "view larger map" link should work for everyone.


Prut River

The Prut River is about 11.5 km (7 mi) due east of Husi. The Prut is the current national border between Romania and the Republic of Moldova.

More than one of our families have stories about crossing the Prut River in the dead of night, fleeing pogroms or conscription on the Bessarabia side.

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