Huşi, Romania

46°41' N, 28°04' E

Alternate names: Huşi [Rom], Khush [Yid], Husch [Ger], Hussburg [Ger], Khushi [Rus], Huszváros [Hun]

Jewish Husi: Misc. Documents

(birth of Samuel Firestein)

Birth document
Civil Status Register for Birth

In the year 1866, month of March, on the eleventh day at eleven hours A.M. before us, the Mayor of Husi town and registrar of this town in Falciu County, came Mr. Saer Farstein, 28 years old, an Israelite, a merchant from Husi, who showed us an infant of masculine gender, born on the seventh, at eight hours in the morning, from him, the declarant, in his house at Strada Mare, no 328, and from Mrs. Malca Farstein, his wife, and who baby was declared to be named Smil, in Israelite religion.

The said statement and presentation was made in the presence of Mr. Hersu Rabinstein, aged 28, a merchant from this town; and Mr. Moisa Marcu, aged 27, a publican from Husi. The father and the witnesses have subscribed together with me, this paper of birth, after it was read to them.

(birth of Avram Firestein)

Birth document
Civil Status Register for Birth

In the year 1868, month of July, on the nineteenth day at ten hours A.M. Birth certificate of Avram, of masculine gender, born the day before yesterday in the house of his parents from Strada Mare, no. 338. Son of Sae Fainsten, 34 years old, a merchant from Husi, and Malca Fainsten, 34 years old, without profession, according to father's statement, who showed us the baby.

The first witness, Mr. Herscu sin Itac, aged 43, a cotton-wool seller, from Husi, a friend of baby's father, and the second one, Mr. Bercu sin David, aged 53, a lacemaker, idem, who subscribed this paper, together with me and the declarant after it was read to them and found in accordance to the law, by the town hall representative, Mr. Paval Marta.

(marriage of Marcu Marcovici to Sura Creinta Grosman)

Marriage document
Civil Status Record for Marriages

The year, 1868, month of March, on the 6th at six hours in the evening. Marriage certificate of Mr. Marcu Marcovici, a merchant living in Husi, born here in 1846, January 28, of age, son of Mr. Leizer Marcovici, a merchant, and Rifca Malca Marcovici, from Husi too, who consented to him by the authenticated paper (by this court) no. 2033, dated February 23, instant; and Miss Sura Creinta, without profession, 18 years old, born and living here in 1850, February 12, under age daughter of the deceased Luppo Grosman and Minta Grosman, wihtout profession, living in Iasi, who consented for her, by the authenticated paper by the first commission from Iasi, on February 7. The present people contracting parties have stated that they concluded a dowry contract at Falciu Court on March 7. The preliminary papers are: A) the publications issued without opposition in this town on the Saturdays of 24 February and 2 March; B) the same of future husband at no. 2030 the birth certificate authenticated by Falciu Court and drawn up by this town hall with five witneses; C) birth certificate of future wife, drawn up in this town hall again with five witnesses and authenticated by the court at no. 2031 on 23 Febraury; and D) the authored papers above mentioned, containing the parents' consents for future spouses. All these papers signed by us and kept in the town hall, to remain enclosed to the book (register). As well as Chapter 6, Paragraph 5 Civil Code were read by me to the hearing of all present people above mentioned, after that the parties have stated that they wish to marry one to Miss Sura Creinta Grosman and the other one to Mr. Marcu Marcovici, and I, Mihail Jomir, Mayor and Registrar, have pronounced in the name of the law, that the contracting parties are joined by marriage.

All above facts took place in public, in the presence of the four requested witnesses, namely: first witness, Mr. Ilie Orbach, aged 26, a merchant from Husi; Mr. Leiba Gotleib, aged 20, idem; Mr. Solomon sin Leiba Rosu, aged 28, a merchant, idem; and Mr. Oisie Vecsler, aged 24, idem; the first two on behalf of the husband and the last ones on behalf of the wife. And after I have read this paper to the hearing of all present people, spouses, and witnesses, have subscribed it together with all of them.

(birth of Rivka Malka Marcovici)

Birth document
Civil Status Register for Birth

The year, 1880, month of February, on the 27th at one o'clock P.M. Birth certificate of Rifca Malca Marcovici, of feminine gender, born on the the twenty-sixth instant, at five hours in the evening, in the house no. 1155 from 1st District of this town, daughter of Mr. Solomon Marcovici, 38 years old, an Israelite, a merchant from Hussy, and Mrs. Hana Marcovici, 35 years old, without profession, according to father's statement who showed us the baby.

The first witness was Mr. Nuham Tulbure, aged 78, no profession, from Hussy, a friend of the baby's father; and Mr. Sucem Sigal, aged 37, a torch lighter, idem, who have subscribed this paper, together with me and with the declarant, after it was read to them and found in accordance to the law, by myself. The witnesses and the declarant could not read (write) so they were signed by me and they put their finger."


Marriage document
Translated by Ladislau Gyemant, June 1999

State Archives of Vaslui - Marriage Register for HUSI

Register for Marriages - No. 79 - Year Mai 20 1882

Marriage certificate of Alter Avram Perman, 20 years old, merchant, Jewish, from Husi, son of Moisa and Sura Perman from Husi, who agreed to the marriage of their son with Etel Margulies, 19, without profession, Jewish, from Husi, daughter of Oisie Margulies, deceased, as proves the death certificate issued by this office upon the statement of five witnesses and authentified by Court Falciu under No. 4541 and Hae Margulies from Husi, who agreed to the marriage. It was made a marriage contract at the Court being paid the tax. Preliminary records: publications made without any opposition in the Sundays of April 18 and 25; birth record of the bridegroom issued by this office upon the statement of five witnesses and authentified by Court Falciu under No. 4540; the same for the bride under No. 4541. Upon Civil Law Chapter VI, Title V we declared them married.

Witnesses: Bercu sin David, 62, capmaker from Husi, friend of the bridegroom; David Grisaru, 42, semoule maker, from Husi, friend; Moisa Herscu Rabinovici, 25, from Husi, friend; Herscu sin Itic, 55, from Husi, friend, who signed together with the parts, parents, and us, Minachi Iliescu, mayor and Registrar

(note two different spellings in document)

Birth document
Translated by Ladislau Gyemant, June 1999

State Archives of Vaslui - Register of Births for HUSI

Register for Births - No. 471 - October 28, 1 p.m. Year 1883

Birth certificate of Sura Margulies, female, born on Oct. 26, 8 a.m. in the house No. 618 district 1 of this town. Daughter of Mehel Margules, 28, without profession, from Husi, and Hana Margules 22, without profession. Declaration made by Bercu sin David who presented us the child.

Witnesses: David Grisaru, 43, semoule maker from Husi, friend of the parents; Altar Grisaru, 48, semoule maker, friend, who signed together with us, mayor and Registrar

From a MARGULIES family genealogy by Dan Hirschberg and found online, the mother, Hana, is Anna WECHSLER, born in Husi, June 1861. Her husband, Mehel, is Michal MARGULIES, born in Krakow, December 1860. The child, Sura, was also known as Sara or Salomea. Sara MARGULIES married Chaim TIEFENBRUN. Sara had a sister, Rachel MARGULIES, who married Wiktor BLUMENFELD.


Death Record

Death Register for 1880 - HUSI
Avram Herberman, no. 650

December 4, 1880, at 1 p.m. Death certificate of Avram Herberman, 35 years old, merchant, Israelite, from Husi. He was married to Toba Herberman, 32 years old, without profession. He died on December 23rd, at 8 a.m., in the house, no. 580, First Department, in this town.

Witnesses: Alter sin Moise, 50 years old, freelancer, living in Husi, friend of the deceased, and Duvid Grisariu, 40 years old, living in Husi. They signed this document after being read to them and death was recorded by coroner Almagian. The witnesses not knowing how to write put their fingers on the document. Delivered according to the Death register for 1880.

The above death record comes from Steve Herberman who administers the Iasi Jewish Ancestors group page on Facebook. Note that the Duvid GRISARIU serving as a witness on this death record in 1880 is the same person as David GRISARU who served as a witness in 1883 for Sura MARGULIES birth record.


Death Record

No. 461, recorded 14 Nov 1906, 6 PM, Husi

Name: Rifca Amster
Age: 70, widow due to death of husband Itic Amster
Profession: None
Birth: Husi
Residence: Husi
Spouse: Itic
   Father: Itic Amster
   Mother: Beila Amster, both deceased
Death Details:
   Death Date: 13 Nov 1906, 6AM
   Address: Husi, 445 2nd sector
   Witness 1: Itic Leibovici, 68
   Witness 2: Aizic Balan, 73 both no prof, friends of deceased

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