Huşi, Romania

46°41' N, 28°04' E

Alternate names: Huşi [Rom], Khush [Yid], Husch [Ger], Hussburg [Ger], Khushi [Rus], Huszváros [Hun]

Our Husi Families: Auerbach

The photo is of Itec Bentien Averboh. Itec died in Husi in 1902. The above photo and the following information were provided by Pat Braverman:

"My husband's maternal grandparents were Moisa Avarboh (Joseph Auerbach) and Ester Malca Cahana. Moisa was born March 2, 1876 in Husi, the son of Itec Bentien Aberboh and Haia Dvoira Avarboh. Ester Malca Cahana was born in 1883 in Hurdugii, Romania (now known as Dimitrie Cantemir), located about 10 miles south of Husi. Ester was the daughter of Zalman and Sura-Beila Cahana.

Moisa and Ester Malca were married February 17, 1904 in Husi. [See the civil marriage record (PDF)] Moisa's occupation was listed as 'merchant'. Their first child, Bentien, was born December 5, 1904 in Husi at the second entry of house number 570 (from Bentien's birth record (PDF), translated by a Romanian woman at a local university). Witnesses to the birth were Leon Cahana, 29 years of age, occupation 'merchant', and Itic Leibovici, 59 years of age."

Itec's son, Joseph, came to the United States with his wife, Ester, and made mamaliga for the family. Pat Braverman shared this story:

"Mamaliga was a part of Joseph Auerbach's staple diet in Romania and came with him to the U.S. It was enjoyed as much by the family as a symbol of their Romanian past as for its taste and nourishment. For those unfamiliar with the preparation of mamaliga, Joseph would proudly prepare the corn meal mush and share the recipe with them."

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