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Lyubar, Ukraine

49°55' N /27°45' E
205 km WSW of Kyyiv, 47 miles WSW of Zhytomer,
37 miles W of Berdychiv, 17 miles SE of Polonnoye





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    "My maternal ggf Nathan BRANDMAN (born 1872) came from Lyubar, and he along with several brothers left Russia     in the 1890s to settle in the UK. Their parents were Shule/Shoel and Geshke BRANDMAN. The story is that Shule            BRANDMAN, who we know was a cabinet maker, was also a rabbi and came to the region from Germany or Austria.     He died in 1904-1905." Per Richard Stone 3/8/2012.

Rabbi Bronstein mentioned in the Hebrew Newspaper Hatsefira,17th March 1885, page 81 (7). Per Joseph Halachmi                 6/25/2008.

Rabbi Chaim Zvi FELDMAN
    At the “Shtetle Finder” site there is an entry: 1880, Chaim Zvi Feldman, born 1848, was appointed Rabbi here. Per         Joseph Halachmi 6/28/2008.

Rabbi Meir KHELMER
    "The grandfather of my grandfather was R' Meir Khelmer [Chelmer] - he was Chief Rabbi of the town - we're talking         50's of the 19th Century to the beginning of the 20th Century - he owned his family synagogue, called the "Little Beit         Knesset." It was really small in comparison to other synagogues in Lyubar, namely the "Magid's Kloise," which was         built as the "Fortified Synagogue" to be a shelter to the Jews in distress. Another building was the "Big Beit Knesset,"     which was one of the most beautiful synagogues in Volyn; it stood on the ground of the garden of Graf Lyubomirsky,         the Polish noble who was the ruler of Lyubar." Per Joseph Halachmi 10/25/2000. 

    A paragraph from the book, The Men of Renown and Personalities, by Joseph Milner, Paris, Translated by Gloria             Berkenstat Freund speaks about Chelmer Family from Lyubar. Per Joseph Halachmi 6/28/2008.

        Do you know that such a Jewish family existed? Yes, there was a distinguished, an aristocratic Jewish family with             the name “Chelmer” – a rich family of Rebbes and Rabbis. And the members of the family were grandchildren of         Reb Lev Yitzhak of Berdychiv and they lived in Lyubar, Volyn Gubernia and Kremenets Poviat.

Rabbi Israel YOSHPE
    "My family lived in Lyubar from the late-19th century, when Israel YOSHPE accepted a position as rabbi, until at least     1921, when at least some of his grandchildren emigrated.
Rabbi Israel YOSHPE was born in what is now Lanivtsi             (then in Austrian Galicia). His parents were Luzar YOSHPE and Sora from Odessa. At some point, he was offered the     post of head rabbi at a synagogue in Lyubar. Either before or after marrying Esther Finkelstein, he moved to Lyubar.         One of their sons, Nusen, was my mother's grandfather. He and his wife ran a dry goods business (3 tiny stores) and     owned a house that backed onto the Kostel St. Michael and St. Dominica. After his wife and Gitel died (ca. 1920), he     and his youngest son Paul (Pinchos) emigrated to NYC to join his remaining children. Richard Coe 4/29/2018.

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