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A Shtetl  called Kobylnik - on Lake Narach (a brief description with links to background information and maps)

Panoramic View of Kobylnik in Winter of 1917

Street plan Kobylnik WWI


Street and house map of Kobylnik 1930's

Quadrant #1   Quadrant #2   Quadrant #3  Quadrant #4

A Short History of Kobylnik by Meier Swirski

Translation from  Kobylnik -1967 by Meier Swirski pp. 244-251

Original translation: Kobylnik is Liberated

A List of Jewish Stores, producers  and Businesses
1929 Business Directory for Kobylnik (French and Polish)

My Grandfather from Kobyl'nik by Moishe Kulback  

The Cemetery in Kobylnik
The United Grave: Memorials to the Victims
Holocaust victims, survivors and their location today
Yiskor Lists by Meyer Svirsky
Necrology List in "Sefer Kobylnik"
Memories of Days Gone By - Yitzhak Gordon (translated by Sarah Moscowtiz Axelrod)

Portraits of our ancestors: 




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Krivitsky families in the Revision Lists 1795-1858

Original Revision Census 1816  (Page 1: Households 1-5 only)

The Kobylnik and Myadel Society in Israel
1988 Welcome Speech by Meir Svirsky
Passengers from Kobylnik to New York
Postavy District Map showing Svir, Narach (Kobylnik) and Myadel
Hans Colman

From the Collection of Johannes Colsman: Map of Kobylnik

Postcards from Between the Wars
Much of the material on this site was collected from Meyer Svirsky z'l and worked on by Chaya Lupinsky who translated much of the Hebrew into English. She acted as the go between so that much of the information and the pictures could put transformed into text.
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