Narotzky/Narotsky Connections

Bar Mitzvah Celebration

Photo and identification of individuals by Sheila Narotsky, Meir Swirsky, Igal Narotsky and  Reizel (Igal's grandfather Rafael's cousin) July 2005


1936  Bar Mitzva of Lazer Dimenshtein in Kobylnik

The girl between two seated women behind table is Lyuba Chernotsky.

To her right is her mother's sister, to her left is her mother who is thought to be a Narotsky.

Fayves Chernotsky, brother to Lyuba, is the young man with dark hat on left side of picture behind table.

The tall man standing to right is Aryeh Leib Narotsky, his wife stands next to him, and her sister next to her.

The older man with the beard and hat, seated near Aryeh Leib, is his father, Shlomo Narotsky, grandson to Itzhak Narotzky.

The boy seated in front of Aryeh Leib is his son,Michael ( or Michel).

On the left, standing at front corner of table, is a cousin to Meir Swirsky.


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