A list compiled by Meier Svirsky (Israel 1995)

from the Book "Memory / Myadel Region"


Editorial Disclaimer: I have tried to match this list to the Necrology List from "Sefer Kobylnik" translated by Yosef Sa'ar. I am not an experienced translator and the Belarusian Language is new to me. Whenever I was in doubt, I deferred to Yosef's list for consistency.


In Russian the letter "V" and "W" (as in Weiner) comes after the letter "B". Likewise the letter "C" when it has a hard sound like "Kh" (as in Chodash) is at the end of the alphabet where we might find "X". You  might want to print this: Belarusian Alphabets and Transliteration


This list  follows the orderset by the Belarusian alphabet and does not follow the translated list from "Sefer Kobylnik" which follows the order of the Hebrew alphabet.


When in doubt of a translations exact meaning I have left the original words, i.e. "v. Lesy" which I assume means in the woods or in the forests.


Axelrod - Kubersky

Levitan - Solomon

Todres - Yanovsky

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