Lithuanian Archival Holdings for Seta

Name of Archives Year(s) Type of Record
Lithuanian State Historic Archives 1858 Revision List
1858-59, 1874, 1878-79 Additional revision lists
1879 voter list
1881 voter list
1922-1940 births
1922-1940 marriages
1922-1940 deaths
Kaunas Archives 1846 candle tax list
1877 box tax list
1892 box tax list
1892 poor victims of the 1892 fire who were given financial aid
1892-1894 towndweller's list of residents who came from other places
1893-1915 postal bank records
1898 rabbi's elector's list
1907 voter list

Unfortunately, no 19th century vital records exist for the Seta Jewish Community, although births, deaths, and marriages for citizens of Seta are recorded in the vital records books of other Lithuanian Jewish communities if that is where the event occurred. 

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