Seta Additional Revision Lists
1858-59, 1874 and 1878-79

These records come from the Lithuanian State Historic Archives in Vilnius. Their translation was paid for by Ada Green who donated them to the LitvakSIG.  Below is a modified version containing only the most pertinent information (surname, given name, father's name, relationship to head of household, and age). The full version in the JewishGen Lithuania Database also includes page number, family registration number, age on previous revision list, reason left, year left, and comments.


Surname Given Name Father's Name Relationship to Head of Household Age
BUKANTS Abel Meyer Head of Household 22
ROZENBERG Dina Shender   26
LAPIN Berko Pinkhas Head of Household 48
LAPIN Itka   Wife 48
MAYZLIN Movsha Iovnash Mortkhel Head of Household 25
MAYZLIN Chasia   Wife 25
MAYZLIN Rocha Leah Movsha Iovnash Daughter (1st marriage) 5
ZALTSMAN Itsyk Mikhel David Iosel Head of Household 30
ZALTSMAN Beyla Dusha   Wife 26
ZALTSMAN Bluma Chaya Itsyk Mikhel Daughter  7
ROTBLAT Itsyk Noakh Head of Household 41
ROTBLAT Gena Dvora   Wife 30
ROTBLAT Itka Basia Itsyk Daughter 10
VAYNSHTEYN Rocha   Head of Household 50
VAYNSHTEYN Rasa Leah Mortkhel Daughter 15
VAYNSHTEYN Ginda Mortkhel Daughter 12
VAYNSHTEYN Minukha Mortkhel Daughter 7
VAYNSHTEYN Liberman Chaim Shimel Cousin 6
VAYNSHTEYN Rocha Girsha Cousin 20
LAPU Noakh Wulf Berko Head of Household 20
LAPU Malina   Wife 20
AZRIELOVICH Shmuyla Zundel Itsko Head of Household 30
AZRIELOVICH Reyza Meriam   Wife 25
AZRIELOVICH Shora Rivka Shmuyla Zundel Daughter 8
AZRIELOVICH Leah Beyla Shmuyla Zundel Daughter 2
GURVICH Yankel Kopel Azriel Iosel Head of Household 18
GURVICH Chaya   Wife 19
LEVIN Shymel Shaya Ayzyk Yankel Head of Household 18
LEVIN Basia Shora   Wife 17
ZHIV Leyba Osher Iosel Lozer Head of Household 30
ZHIV Malka Riva   Wife 28
HATSKELEVICH / KHATSKELEVICH Movsha Mortkhel Fisel Hatskel Head of Household 22
FAYN Wulf Nisel Berko Girsha Head of Household 28
FAYN Tsypa Mera   Wife 19
FAYN Golda Wulf Nisel Daughter 2
GADIE Itel Zelik Head of Household 68
GADIE Orel Leyba Wulf Itsko Son 27
GADIE Tauba   Daughter in law 25
GADIE Shora Feyga Orel Leyba Grandchild 4
KURLIANCHIK Iovel Shmerel Nisel Itsko Head of Household 22
KURLIANCHIK Misel Wulf Nisel Itsko Brother 18
KURLIANCHIK Liba Itka   Wife 24
KURLIANCHIK Yakhla   Brother's wife 18
SHOLOMOVICH Tsemakh Notel Berko Head of Household 30
SHOLOMOVICH Chaya   Wife 29
BARAN Eliash Borukh Iser David Head of Household 35
GESEL Iosel Yankel Nosel Shmerko Head of Household 35
GESEL Shifra Reyza   Wife 35
GESEL Pesa Iosel Yankel Daughter 11
GESEL Rivka Iosel Yankel Daughter 8
GESEL Rocha Leah Iosel Yankel Daughter 6 mos.
BETEN Itsyk Iovnas Nosel Shmerko Head of Household 30
BETEN Chaya   Wife 27
WULFOVICH Girsha Mortkhel Movsha Head of Household 40
WULFOVICH Chana Pesa   Wife 38
WULFOVICH Liba Girsha Mortkhel Daughter 14
WULFOVICH Ita Rivka Girsha Mortkhel Daughter 12
WULFOVICH Malka Dvora Girsha Mortkhel Daughter 7
WULFOVICH Merka Girsha Mortkhel Daughter 2
VERBLIUNSKY Honel Sholem Iosel Leyb Head of Household 40
VERBLIUNSKY Sheyna Beyla   Wife 35
VERBLIUNSKY Tauba Raykhla Honel Sholem Daughter 16
VERBLIUNSKY Zelda Honel Sholem Daughter 7
VERBLIUNSKY Meriama Leah Honel Sholem Daughter 6 mos.
BUZ Ovsey Borukh Mortkhel Leyzer Head of Household 22
GIDUT Eliash Iosel Peysakh Abram Head of Household 28
GIDUT Nakhama   Wife 27
WULFOVICH Azriel Gershon Orel Head of Household 22
WULFOVICH Shora   Wife 20
WULFOVICH Chaya Azriel Gershon Daughter 2
MENKHELEVICH Sholem Eliash Itsko Head of Household 25
MENKHELEVICH Chaya   Wife 24
MENKHELEVICH Shora Rivka Itsko Sister 18
MENKHELEVICH Chaya Rocha Itsko Sister 11
VERBLIUNSKY Yakhla Getsel Head of Household 50
VERBLIUNSKY Izrael Meyer Son 21
KAGAN Shora Perla Movsha Wulf Cousin 4
KAGAN Meriama Nekhama Movsha Wulf Cousin 1
BEDER Shimel Girsha Benjamin   12
BEDER Izrael Girsha Benjamin   9
BEDER Rochla Girsha Benjamin   1
BAR / ZHIV Yankel Movsha Head of Household 45
BAR / ZHIV Sheyna Dina   Wife 44
BAR / ZHIV Mera Gitla Yankel Daughter 16
BAR / ZHIV Leah Zlata Yankel Daughter 13
BAR / ZHIV Mindla Yankel Daughter 11
BAR / ZHIV Rivka Yankel Daughter 9
YANKELEVICH Izrael Iudel Leyba Head of Household 36
YANKELEVICH Freyda   Wife 30
YANKELEVICH Feyga Tauba Izrael Iudel Daughter 8
YANKELEVICH Ester Leah Izrael Iudel Daughter 1
BARAN Mikhel Eliash Head of Household 38
BARAN Mikhla   Wife 30
BARAN Chaya Feyga Girsha Stepdaughter 8
BARAN Tsyvia Girsha Stepdaughter 4
GOLDSHTEYN Gershon Iudel Abram Peysakh Head of Household 32
GOLDSHTEYN Rocha Kreyna   Wife 25
GOLDSHTEYN Gena Dobra Gershon Iudel Daughter 8
GOLDSHTEYN Chana Golda Gershon Iudel Daughter 4
GOLDSHTEYN Eta Ziska Gershon Iudel Daughter 1
BEYM Gitla Wulf Head of Household 46
BEYM Abel David Yankel Shimel Son 24
BEYM Chana Beyla   Daughter in law 20
BEYM Oga (?) Yankel Shimel Daughter 16
BEYM Freyda Yankel Shimel Daughter 13
BEYM Brayna Yankel Shimel Daughter 10
KOPELEVICH Eliash Bentsel Ayzyk Movsha Head of Household 22
KOPELEVICH Feyga Rivka   Wife 20
KOPELEVICH Freyda Etka Eliash Bentsel Daughter 6 mos.
FAYNBER Abel David Girsh Head of Household 42
FAYNBER Ginda Golda   Wife 40
FAYNBER Chaya Abel David Daughter 4
FAYNBER Shora Abel David Daughter 1
KAN Chaya Leyba Head of Household 43
KAN Reyza   Daughter 8
AYZYKOVICH Sheyna Rochla Mortkhel   45
AYZYKOVICH Vitka Nokhim   12
SHAKHMAN Chana Girsha   45
MEYEROVICH Iovnash Girsha Abram Head of Household 30
MEYEROVICH Sora Zisla   Wife 30
MEYEROVICH Vita Cherka Iovnash Girsha Daughter 6
IUDELEVICH Meyer Idel Nosel Head of Household 36
IUDELEVICH Basa Rochla   Wife 35
IUDELEVICH Chaya Tsypa Meyer Idel Daughter 14
IUDELEVICH Hiyena Pesa Meyer Idel Daughter 8
IUDELEVICH Tauba Freyda Meyer Idel Daughter 2
LOP Aron Shmuyla Beynash Head of Household 40
LOP Gitla   Wife 40
PRAYSKEL Freyda Movsha   60
PRAYSKEL Freyda Shmuel   55
PLANKER Gesel Girsha, son of Itsyk   38
PLANKER Estera Leah     27
PLANKER Chana Pesa Gesel   11
LEVIN Eliash Yankel Borukh Izrael   34
LEVIN Rochla Rivka     32
KOLP Chasa Berko, son of Nokhim Leyb   5
PIK Shora Itsko, son of Chaim   18
PIK Chava Itsko, son of Chaim   14
KURLIANDCHIK Dina Berko, son of Meyer   3
STROM Chana Zelik, son of Rubin   3


Surname Given Name Father's Name Relationship to Head of Household Age
SHER Itsyk Yankel Peysakh Head of Household 25
GREYSMAN Yankel Girsha Mortkhel Head of Household 25
RIZVAM / RIZVASH (?) Yudel Wulf Shlioma Head of Household 36
YANKELOVICH Eliash Girsha Izrail Iudel, son of Leyba   24
YANKELOVICH Rakhmiel Izrail Iudel, son of Leyba   21
ABELSON Movsha Leyba Nisel   22
KLOTS Chaim Abram, son of Mendel   21
SHMID Shlioma Ovsey, son of Mortkhel   22
KRAVETS Wulf Shimel Head of Household (?) 45
SHMID Yankel Tankhel, son of Iudel   24
SHMID Iosel     21
SHMID Fruma     50
TUBIASH Movsha Rubin Head of Household 45
TUBIASH Rubin Movsha Son 24
TUBIASH Iokhel Meyer Movsha Son 18
TUBIASH Beyla   Wife 43
LEYBOVICH Movsha Iosel Head of Household 50
LEYBOVICH Yankel Movsha Son 20
LEYBOVICH Reyza   Wife 46
KAGAN Leyba Mortkhel Head of Household 53
KAGAN Iosel Mortkhel Leyba Son 21
KAGAN Beyla   Wife 50
SAPIRA Izrael Movsha Head of Household 40
SAPIRA Gruna   Wife 40
MORDEL Tsalel Iovel, son of Berko   30
MORDEL Malka     29
ROTBLAT Iudel Itsyk, son of Iudel   21
PLANKER Zelman Girsha, son of Itsyk   32
PLANKER Glika     31
GADIE / FISH Mortkhel Abram Berko   21
GADIE / FISH Mendel Berko   19
GADIE / FISH Meriasha     20
GRADMAN Rubin Movsha, son of Abel   19
GRADMAN Frada     40
KEYDANSKY Zavel Zelman Efroim Head of Household 53
KEYDANSKY Ovsey Berko Zavel Zelman Son 23
KEYDANSKY Chaya Sora   Wife 50
KEYDANSKY Tsipa Zelda Zavel Zelman Daughter 17
KEYDANSKY Feyga Rivka   Daughter in law 22
KAN Leyba Leyzer Head of Household 41
KAN Ovsey Leyzer Brother 31
KAN Vikhna   Wife 40
KAN Liba Keyla   Brother's wife 30
SHMID Shmuyla Berko Head of Household 31
SHMID Pesa   Wife 30
POGIRSKY Efroim Eliash Head of Household 53
POGIRSKY Itsyk Efroim Son 20
POGIRSKY Shimel Efroim Son 17
POGIRSKY Rocha   Wife 50
POGIRSKY Shora Efroim Daughter 22
BLAKHER Leyba Izrael Perets Head of Household 24
BLAKHER Chaya   Wife 21
SHAMESH Izrael Nakhman Mortkhel Head of Household 35
SHAMESH Dvora   Wife 30
ZIV Gershon Iudel, son of Menashe   21
ZIV Iovel Iudel, son of Menashe   19
BIN Shebsel Noakh, son of Shebsel   20
WOLF Movsha Aron Hatskel Abel, son of Movsha   31
WOLF Gena     30
FAINBERG Abram Itsyk Izrael Head of Household 32
FAINBERG Eta Gitla   Wife 32
LAN Mortkhel Abel Chaim, son of Kivel   20
LAN Chayka     19
STROM Kasriel Movsha David, son of Mortkhel   21
STROM Morthkel Movsha David, son of Mortkhel   18
VILK Abram Rubin Head of Household 60
VILK Rubin Abram Son 24
VILK Movsha Abram Son 21
VILK Etla   Wife 55
VILK Chaya   Daughter in law 25
BOER Mendel Itsyk Head of Household 45
BOER Movsha Itsyk Mendel Son 23
BOER Shmuyla Mendel Son 20
BOER Eliash Mendel Son 17
BOER Rivka   Wife 44
BOER Ita Mendel Daughter 18
FISH Berel Falko   45
FISH David Berel   21
FISH Freyda Gena     20
POGLEVICH Itsyk Movsha Mortkhel, son of Zelik   25
POGLEVICH Yankel Movsha Mortkhel, son of Zelik   22
POGLEVICH Hiyesa     24
POGLEVICH Leah     21
LIBERMAN Wulf Zelik Leyba   40
LIBERMAN Chana     35
BETEN Abram Itsyk Zusman Head of Household 33
BETEN Iudel Zusman Brother 22
BETEN Kuna Chasa   Wife 30
BETEN Fruma   Brother's wife 20
ROTBLAT Nokhim Yankel Wulf Head of Household 31
ROTBLAT Keyla Rivka   Wife 30
PLUNGIANSKY Ovsey David Nisel Head of Household 32
PLUNGIANSKY Nekha   Wife 28
TSYGELNIK Yankel Berko Head of Household 24
KAGAN Iudel Leyzer Head of Household 32
KAGAN Shora   Wife 30
SHER Rubin Pinkhas, son of Mendel   23
SHER Eliash Pinkhas, son of Mendel   19
BLEKHER Rubin Eliash Itsyk, son of Shimel   21
BLEKHER Yankel Itsyk, son of Shimel   18
BLEKHER Elka Sheyna     20
BLEKHER Musha Itsyk, son of Shimel   19
LOP Shmuyla Iosel, son of Orel   23
LOP Itsyk Iosel, son of Orel   20
LOP Tsivia     22
MENKHELEVICH Shlioma Itsyk Sholom Eliash, son of Itsyk   23
LAN Meyer Kivel Head of Household 35
GOLDBLAT Eliash Chaim Head of Household 55
GOLDBLAT Benjamin Eliash Son 23
GOLDBLAT Hiyena   Wife 45
GOLDBLAT Etla Eliash Daughter 18
GORODETS Iokhel Leyba Fayvish Notel, son of Girsh   24
GORODETS Goda     22
MILNER Meyer Kopel Head of Household 50
MILNER Etla Basa   Wife 40
MILNER Dvora Meyer Daughter 18
WOLF Shmuyla Tevel, son of Abram   24
WOLF Chaim Tevel, son of Abram   18
WOLF Pesa     22
ZELIKOVICH Osher Yankel Leyb, son of Itsyk   23
ZELIKOVICH Eliash Yankel Leyb, son of Itsyk   20
ZELIKOVICH Girsha Itsyk, son of Gertsyk   26
ZELIKOVICH Golda     20
ZELIKOVICH Ginda     28
BLAKHER Genekh Girsha Head of Household 45
BLAKHER Girsha Genekh Son 21
BLAKHER Iudel Mortkhel Genekh Son 18
BLAKHER Riska   Wife 44
BLAKHER Vita   Daughter in law 20
KATS Berko Mortkhel Head of Household 20
KATS Gena   Wife 20
NAMANUNTS Eyzen Genekh   24
NAMANUNTS Estera     22
BEDER Iosel Girsh Benjamin, son of Shimel   23
BEDER Rakhmiel Girsh Benjamin, son of Shimel   20
BEDER Merka     19
KAPLAN Mera   Head of Household 60
KAPLAN Movsha David Son 35
KAPLAN Pesa   Daughter in law 32
MEDINTS Leyba Meylakh Abel, son of Izrael   25
TURCHIN Zelman Hatskel, son of Eliash   27
TURCHIN Yankel Rubin Hatskel, son of Eliash   24
TURCHIN Rivka Malka Hatskel, son of Eliash   19
KRAKHMALNIK Iudel Mortkhel Head of Household 24
KRAKHMALNIK Itta Beyla   Wife 22
MAYLER Leyba Azriel Head of Household 40
MAYLER Chava   Wife 40
GOLDBLAT Berko Nokhim Head of Household 55
GOLDBLAT Iudel Zelik Berko Son 25
GOLDBLAT Risha   Wife 40
GOLDBLAT Shlova   Daughter in law 22
POSLOV Itsyk Bentsel Chaim Nokhim, son of Girsh   21
POSLOV Iovnash Girsha Chaim Nokhim, son of Girsh   18
GOLDBLAT Iosel Eliash Wulf, son of Chaim   31
PIK Leah   Head of Household 53
PIK Chaim Movsha Ayzyk Son 24
PIK Pesa   Daughter in law 23
SHNAYD Chaim Girsha Head of Household 24
GORODETS Yankel Movsha Head of Household 50
GORODETS Movsha Yankel Son 23
GORODETS Chaya   Wife 45
GORODETS Shora Mortkhel Niece 20
ZAK Abram Shimel, son of Girsha   26
ZAK Iokhel Shimel, son of Girsha   17
ZAK Rivka     23
BERENSHTEYN Aria Girsha Izrael, son of Nosel   24
BERENSHTEYN Chasa     23
VILK Mendel Iosel, son of Abram   29
VILK Tubiash Iosel, son of Abram   23
VILK Avadia Iosel, son of Abram   19
VILK Sheyna Etla     28
BIN Izrael Iosel Lipman Head of Household 38
BIN Rivka   Wife 27
VAYNSHTEYN Eliash Mikhel Head of Household 31
VAYNSHTEYN Shora   Wife 30
GLIK Leyba Shaya Orel, son of Movsha   21
KLOTS Orel Leyba Izrael Chaim, son of Efroim   25
KLOTS Chaim Izrael Chaim, son of Efroim   23
KLOTS Iosel Izrael Chaim, son of Efroim   20
LIURIA Meyer Sholom Head of Household 45
LIURIA Tauba   Wife 32
SHVARTS Abram Iosel Head of Household 39
SHVARTS Tsyrla   Wife 34
GOLD Fayvish Leyzer Nekhemia Head of Household 31
GOLD Shora Leah   Wife 30
HAIT / KHAIT Shimel Movsha Yankel Head of Household 49
HAIT / KHAIT Liba   Wife 45
BOER Yankel Iosel Head of Household 31
BOER Mikhla   Wife 30
UZVALK Shmuylo Fayvish Berko Head of Household 35
UZVALK Mariam   Wife 30
GURVICH Shloma Zelman Berko, son of Abram   20
GURVICH Feyga Shora     20
GOLDSHMIT Iovnash Liberman, son of Meyer   22
GOLDSHMIT Gena Pesa     22
SHMID Peysakh Iosel Ovsey, son of Yankel   24
SHMID Chaya     22
SHNAYD Gershon Zavel Rubin Head of Household 55
SHNAYD Movsha Yankel Gershon Zavel Son 22
SHNAYD Chana Reyza   Wife 55
BARANOV Eliash Shevel Head of Household 26
BARANOV Feyga   Wife 25
KLOR Mendel David Head of Household 40
KLOR Musha   Wife 36
GLEZER Itsyk Noakh Shebshel Head of Household 26
GLEZER Tsypa   Wife 25
BUKANTS Berko Shloma, son of Abel   23
BARON Gershon Leyba Head of Household 50
BARON Rocha Raytsa   Wife 35
SHMID Chaim Abel Head of Household 60
SHMID Abel Chaim Son 28
SHMID Liba   Wife 55
SHMID Zelda   Daughter in law 26
SHMID Nisel Chaim Son  
SHMID Rocha Elka Ovsey Cousin 30
LEVIN Leyba Leyzer Head of Household 23
GOLDSHMIT Gershon Nekhemia, son of Meyer   23
SHMIDT Mortkhel Chaim Head of Household 35
SHMIDT Liba   Wife 30
BIN Leyba Itsko Head of Household 51
BIN Benjamin Bentsel Leyba Son 24
BIN Dobra   Wife 50
BIN Basa   Daughter in law 20
BETEN Hatskel Shlioma Abram Itsyk, son of Shliom Head of Household 23
DAVIDOVICH Abel Yankel Head of Household 35
DAVIDOVICH Girsha Yankel Brother 28
DAVIDOVICH Meriasha   Wife 34
DAVIDOVICH Shora   Brother's wife 26
KURLIANDCHIK Leyzer Yankel Shmerko, son of Itsyk   23
GLEZER Eliokum Izrael Head of Household 25
  Ita   Wife 23
GADIE Peysakh Abram Berko, son of Peysa Head of Household 26
MELTSER Shmuel Eliash Chaim Gershon, son of Ley   23
MELTSER Sheyna Feyga     22
BETEN Mortkhel Wulf Itsyk Iovnash, son of Mortkh   23
FREYNKEL Idel Izrael Leyb, son of Mortkhel   24
FREYNKEL Rocha Leah     23
SHMID Ovsey Eliash Head of Household 55
SHMID Itsyk Yankel Ovsey Son 26
SHMID Rocha Leah   Daughter in law 21
SHMID Sheyna   Wife 53
KURLIANDCHIK Natan Girsha Shmerel   22
ROGOVSKY Movsha Azriel Shmuyla, son of Izrael   23
SHNAYD Yankel Leyba Nakhman Head of Household 34
SHNAYD Dvora   Wife 30
NAMENUNTS Eliash David   55
SHAKHMAN Peysakh Iovel, son of Girsha   24
SHAKHMAN Bluma     24
LEVIN Itsyk Yankel Mortkhel, son of Ayzyk   23
MILNER Gershon Leyba Head of Household 32
MILNER Sheyna   Wife 30
LAPERT Tsemakh Yankel David Head of Household 52
LAPERT David Tsemakh Yankel Son 32
LAPERT Rubin Aron Tsemakh Yankel Son 23
LAPERT Nekha Sheytla   Wife 50
LAPERT Chaya Sheyna   Daughter in law 25
ZHIV Izrael Leyba   Head of Household 50
ZHIV Lipman Izrael Leyba Son 25
ZHIV   Wife 48
ZHIV Mikhla   Daughter in law 24
MONASHEVICH Itsyk Leyba Head of Household 40
MONASHEVICH Gitla   Wife 40
TSIRULNIK Iosel Girsha Head of Household 25


Surname Given Name Father's Name Relationship to Head of Household
LEVIN Sheyna   Meyer Wulf, son of Abram
LEVIN Chaya   Abram, son of Ayzyk
BARTKAN / BARTKAL (?) Nekhama Gnesa   Mortkhel, son of Leyzer
LEVI  Mariasha   Mortkhel Berko, son of Abel
GOLDSHMIT Itla   Mortkhel Liberman, son of Meyer
CHAIMOVICH Leah Rivka   Iosel, son of Girsh
EYRAGOLSKY Chaya Rovza   Itsko Mendel, son of Azriel
MORDEL Iokhved   Chaim Fayvish, son of Meyer
MENDELSON Fayga Movsha  
KANTOROVICH Yankel Movsha Wulf, son of Iovnash  

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