Seta Revision List of 28 May 1858

These records, from the Lithuanian State Historic Archives in Vilnius, were translated by the LitvakSIG Ukmerge District Research Group. Below is a modified version containing only the most pertinent information (surname, given name, father's name, relationship to head of household, and age). The full version, which is in the JewishGen Lithuania Database, also includes page number, family registration number, age on previous revision list, reason left, year left, and comments.

Surname Given Name Father's Name Relationship to Head of Household Age
KURLIANDCHIK Iosel Shlioma Head of Household 71
KURLIANDCHIK Shmerel Iosel Son 46
KURLIANDCHIK Noson Girsha Shmerel Grandchild 5
KURLIANDCHIK Chaia Leah   2nd Wife 50
KURLIANDCHIK Shora Feyga   Daughter-in-law 39
KURLIANDCHIK Keyla Shmerel Grandchild 8
GADE Getsel Shender ?  
ROZENBERG Shmuyla Shender ? 25
MELTSER Girsha David Head of Household  
EYLBERG Movsha Tsodek Gesel Iosel Cousin 20
EYLBERG Brayna Sora   Cousin's wife 19
KULVIANSKY Orel Gersh Head of Household  
LAN Abel Chaim Kivel Cousin 34
LAN Golda Rochla   Cousin's wife 32
LAN Roza Abel Chaim Cousin's daughter 14
LAN Sora Rishka Abel Chaim Cousin's daughter 6
LAN Geska Abel Chaim Cousin's daughter 1
KULVIANSKY Mendel Girsh Head of Household 40
KULVIANSKY Vikhna   2nd Wife 34
KULVIANSKY Shlioma Hatskel Mendel Son 12
KULVIANSKY Freyda Mendel Daughter 14
FUNK Berko Iosel Head of Household  
FUNK Wulf Berko Son 36
FUNK Mortkhel Girsha Wulf Grandchild 4
FUNK Meriam   Wife 55
FUNK Sheyna Rocha   Daughter-in-law 33
FUNK Chaia Reyza Wulf Grandchild 7
FUNK Pesa Leah Wulf Grandchild 9 months
KAPLAN Rubin Iovel Head of Household  
SHMERKOVICH Mortkhel Shmuylo Cousin 40
SHMERKOVICH Shlioma Shaia Mortkhel Cousin's son 14
SHMERKOVICH Brayna Rivka   Cousin's wife 36
SHMERKOVICH Dona Gena Mortkhel Cousin's daughter 16
SHMERKOVICH Tsyra Keyla Mortkhel Cousin's daughter 9
SHMERKOVICH Leah Mortkhel Cousin's daughter 7
SHMERKOVICH Chaya Cherna Mortkhel Cousin's daughter 5
SHMERKOVICH Dvora Mortkhel Cousin's daughter 1
GURVICH Azriel Iosel Mortkhel Head of Household 44
GURVICH Abram Azriel Iosel Son 23
GURVICH Sora   Wife 42
GURVICH Shifra   Daughter-in-law 20
GURVICH Keyla Abram Grandchild 3
GURVICH Reyza Abram Grandchild 1
GURVICH Sora Mortkhel Sister 17
GADE ROZENBERG Shender Getsel Head of Household 62
GADE ROZENBERG Berko Shender Son 8
GADE ROZENBERG Lantse   Wife 48
GADE ROZENBERG Temka Shender Daughter 24
KAPLAN Iovnash Mortkhel Itsko Head of Household  
KAPLAN Mortkhel Itsko ?  
GLIKMAN Orel Leyba Shmerko Zavel Cousin 40
GLIKMAN Zelda Freyda   Cousin's wife 35
GLIKMAN Reyza Orel Leyba Cousin's daughter 5
GLIKMAN Basia Orel Leyba Cousin's daughter 2
PRAYSKEL Naftel Efroim Head of Household  
PRAYSKEL Mortkhel Naftel Son 55
PRAYSKEL Estera   Wife 59
PRAYSKEL Feyga   Daughter-in-law 38
PRAYSKEL Sora Meyta Mortkhel Grandchild 16
PRAYSKEL Rasa Mina Mortkhel Grandchild 14
PRAYSKEL Mariasha Mortkhel Grandchild 6
PRAYSKEL Chaim Mortkhel Grandchild 24
PRAYSKEL Rivka ? Grandchild 6
PRAYSKEL Feyga   Grandchild's wife 19
PRAYSKEL Sheyna Hiena Chaim Great Grandchild 1
VERBLIUNSKY Abram Iovnash Itsko Head of Household  
KLAZ Iosel Shlioma Leyb Cousin 28
KLAZ Hiena Rivka   Cousin's wife 27
KLAZ Peska Iosel Shlioma Cousin's daughter 4
VERBLIUNSKY Movsha Iosel Head of Household 43
VERBLIUNSKY Honel Iosel Brother  
VERBLIUNSKY Iudel Iosel Brother 39
VERBLIUNSKY Chaya Sora   Wife 41
VERBLIUNSKY Nouma   Iudel's wife 34
VERBLIUNSKY Bluma Chaya Iudel Iudel's daughter 7
LIURIY Shaia Kalman Head of Household 42
LIURIY Girsha Shaia Son 24
LIURIY Itka   Wife 42
LIURIY Chaya Shaia Daughter 21
LIURIY Rochla Shaia Daughter 14
? Leyba Hlavna Cousin  
GADIE Abram Iosel Peysakh Head of Household  
GURVICH Berko Abram Cousin 52
GURVICH Movsha Leyzer Berko Cousin's son 19
GURVICH Mortkhel Zelman Berko Cousin's son 6
GURVICH Zisa Gena   Cousin's wife 38
GURVICH Eyda Rocha   Movsha's wife 18
GURVICH Tsypa Reyza Movsha Leyzer Movsha's daughter 1
SHOLOK Iosel Ber Leyba Head of Household 40
SHOLOK Rivka Touba   Wife 29
SHOLOK Chaya Brayna Leyba Daughter (1st W) 16
BUKANSKY Iosel Berko Abram Head of Household 39
BUKANSKY Leyzer Tsodyk Iosel Son 17
BUKANSKY Rocha Tsypa   Wife 37
BUKANSKY Fruma Iosel Daughter 9
BUKANSKY Sora Iosel Daughter 6
BUKANSKY Dvora Iosel Daughter 3
BUKANSKY Mirla Iosel Daughter 1
BUKANTS Leyba Iosel Abel ?  
NAKH…MAN Girsha Hatskel Head of Household  
BUKANTS Shlioma Nosel Head of Household 38
BUKANTS Shimel Leyba Shlioma Son 16
BUKANTS Leyzer Nosel Brother 29
BUKANTS Sora   Wife 35
BUKANTS Tsirka Shlioma Daughter 14
BUKANTS Iudes Shlioma Daughter 12
BUKANTS Chana Golda Shlioma Daughter 7
BUKANTS Feyga   Brother's wife 28
MAYZLIN Mortkhel Abram Head of Household 54
MAYZLIN Izrael Mortkhel Son 16
MAYZLIN Malka   Wife 49
MAYZLIN Peska Mortkhel Daughter 11
MAYZLIN Glika Mortkhel Daughter 8
MAYZLIN Beyla Abram Sister 60
ITSKOVICH Gershon Leyzer Zelman Head of Household 35
ITSKOVICH Zelman Izrael Gershon Leyzer Son 16
ITSKOVICH Basia Malka   Wife 30
ITSKOVICH Keyla Gershon Leyzer Daughter 13
ITSKOVICH Chaya Raska Gershon Leyzer Daughter 8
PAGELEVICH Iosel Zelman Eliahs Head of Household  
KEZAZ Iovel Leyba Girsh Berko Cousin 47
KEZAZ Tsalel Shmuylo Iovel Leyba Cousin's son 22
KEZAZ Chana Fruma   Cousin's wife 42
KEZAZ Malka Iovel Leyba Cousin's daughter 17
KEZAZ Chaya Iovel Leyba Cousin's daughter 9
VILK Mortkhel Menkhel Eliash Head of Household 41
VILK Eliash Movsha Mortkhel Menkhel Son 12
VILK Itsko Mortkhel Menkhel Son  
VILK Peysakh Eliash Brother  
VILK Rivka   2nd Wife 30
VILK Rochla Mortkhel Menkhel Daughter 2
TURCHIN Eliash Perets Rubin Head of Household  
TURCHIN Sora Beyla   Wife 68
TUBER Iosel Iudel Shmuylo Head of Household  
TUBER Meyer Iosel Iudel Son 28
TUBER Doba   Daughter-in-law 26
GARUN Mortkhel Berko Head of Household 38
GARUN Sheyna   Wife 36
GARUN Shifra Mortkhel Daughter 15
AYZYKOVICH Abel Wulf Nokhim Cousin 22
BARAN Iser Leyzer Berko Head of Household  
BARAN Itsyk Yankel Nephew 29
BARAN Rasa   Nephew's wife 25
BARAN Shimon Nisel Monas Cousin 33
BARAN Itsko Monas Cousin  
GLIK Leyzer Meyer Mark Head of Household  
GLIK Leah Feyga   Wife 29
GLIK Gena Brayna Leyzer Daughter 7
GLIKBERG Iosel Wulf Movsha Cousin 26
GLIKBERG Sheyna Reyza   Cousin's wife 22
SKARULSKY Orel Kusel Zelman Head of Household 36
SKARULSKY Beyla   Wife 31
SKARULSKY Basia Orel Kusel Daughter 6
KAPLAN David Girsha Shaia Zelman Head of Household  
ZIV Abel Zelman Movsha Head of Household 40
ZIV Rocha   Wife 40
ZIV Estera Abel Daughter 19
ZIV Rivka Abel Daughter 12
ZIV Raska Abel Daughter 4
ZIV Shaia Zelman Abel Son 19
ZIV Iudel Monas Nephew 38
ZIV Chaim Monas Nephew  
ZIV Chaya   Iudel's Wife 36
KURLIANDCHIK Abram Shmuylo Head of Household 41
KURLIANDCHIK Shmuyla Itsyk Abram Son 22
KURLIANDCHIK Mariasha   Wife 38
KURLIANDCHIK Beyla Abram Daughter 20
KURLIANDCHIK Chaya Sora   Daughter-in-law 18
GOLDSHMIT Liberman Meyer Head of Household 32
GOLDSHMIT Borukh Fayvish Liberman Son 15
GOLDSHMIT Gitla   Wife 31
GOLDSHMIT Gena Pesia Liberman Daughter 2
GADIE Yankel Wulf Leyzer Head of Household  
GADIE Tankhel Wulf Leyzer Brother  
ZIV Leyzer Gesel Abram Head of Household  
ZIV Rochla   Wife 60
SHORVADSKY Movsha Chaim   Cousin 22
GREYSHMAN Gershon Yankel Abram Cousin 27
GREYSHMAN Beyla Gitla Gershon's Wife 25
MORIY Tsemakh Note Sholom Movsha Head of Household  
SHMID Ovsey Mortkhel Head of Household 45
SHMID Mortkhel Ovsey Son 19
SHMID Sora   Wife 35
SHMID Ginda Cherna Ovsey Daughter 12
ZIV Abel Movsha Head of Household 36
ZIV Movsha Abel Son  
ZIV Borukh Shaia Abel Son 6
ZIV Gena   Wife 36
ZAK Girsha Izrael Shimel Head of Household  
ZAK Shimel Girsha Izrael Son 33
ZAK Yankel Shimel Grandchild 12
ZAK Sheyna   Wife 59
ZAK Shora Rivka   Daughter-in-law 32
ZAK Reyza Shimel Grandchild 16
ZAK Chana Shimel Grandchild 9
PIK Yankel Chaim Head of Household 37
PIK Girsha Yankel Son 22
PIK Sora   Wife 35
PIK Pesia Reyza   Daughter-in-law 20
PIK Itsko Chaim Cousin 40
PIK Leah Dvora   Cousin's wife 42
ABELSKY Idel Leyba Shmerko Head of Household 38
ABELSKY Movsha Shmerko Idel Leyba Son 12
ABELSKY Golda Sheyna   Wife 36
ABELSKY Nakhama Idel Leyba Daughter 15
ABELSKY Elka Idel Leyba Daughter 5
MORDEL Girsha Itsyk Honel Head of Household  
MORDEL Manel Girsha Itsyk Son 33
MORDEL Feyga   Daughter-in-law 27
MORDEL Chaya Sore Honel Daughter 24
KURLIANDCHIK Peysakh Iosel Head of Household  
GRANZ Izrael Gershen Head of Household  
GRANZ Yankel Izrael Son  
BUKANSKY Noakh Nisel Head of Household 42
BUKANSKY Galia(?)   2nd Wife 30
SKARULSKY Movsha Aron Zelman Head of Household 29
SKARULSKY Leah   Wife 25
SKARULSKY Beyla Basia Movsha Aron Daughter 6
SKARULSKY Chana Movsh Aron Daughter 3
SHAKHMAN Iovel Girsh Head of Household  
SHAKHMAN Mendel Girsh Brother 40
SHAKHMAN Zusman Abram Mendel Nephew 3
SHAKHMAN Rocha   Brother's wife 35
SHAKHMAN Reyza Mendel Niece 15
SHAKHMAN Pesia Mendel Niece 13
SHAKHMAN Sora Mendel Niece 6
PIK Borukh Chaim Head of Household 44
PIK Leah   Wife 38
PIK Rochla Borukh Daughter 16
PIK Chana Borukh Daughter 4
LOYLO Honel Leyba Itsek Head of Household  
LIURIY Movsha Izrael Head of Household 44
LIURIY Iudel Nota Movsha Son 23
LIURIY Rivka   Wife 46
LIURIY Liba Itka Movsha Daughter 16
LIURIY Malka Movsha Daughter 10
LIURIY Rocha   Daughter-in-law 20
KURLIANDCHIK Itsyk Misel Head of Household 68
KURLIANDCHIK Wulf Itsyk Son 40
KURLIANDCHIK Rivka   Wife 54
KURLIANDCHIK Etla   Daughter-in-law 39
KURLIANDCHIK Misel Wulf Grandchild 21
KURLIANDCHIK Dobra Wulf Grandchild 19
KURLIANDCHIK Rochla Wulf Grandchild
KURLIANDCHIK Rasa Leah Wulf Grandchild 4
KURLIANDCHIK Pesa   Misel's wife 21
VALDER Ariy Girsha Itsek   17
GADIE Noson Wulf Head of Household 52
GADIE Getsel Shmuyla Noson Son 18
GADIE Sheyna   Wife 45
GADIE Sora Leah Noson Daughter 16
GADIE Raykha Tsirka Noson Daughter 11
GADIE Mikhla Noson Daughter 6
FRIDLENDER Iosel Girsh Head of Household 36
SHEYKHET Mortkhel Orel Head of Household  
SHEYKHET Enta   Wife 32
ZAK Shimel Meyer Cousin 33
ZAK Chana Elka   Cousin's wife 30
ZAK Etka Shimel Cousin's daughter 10
ZAK Beyla Shimel Cousin's daughter 5
KURLIANDCHIK Yankel Girsh Head of Household 62
KURLIANDCHIK Berko Meyer Nephew 24
KURLIANDCHIK Matla   Wife 63
KURLIANDCHIK Malka   Nephew's wife 22
DON Eliash Bentsel Abram Head of Household 31
DON Malka Sora   Wife 29
DON Rayna Eliash Bentsel Daughter 2
GREYSHMAN Iosel Girsh Head of Household 41
GREYSHMAN Reyza   Wife 37
GREYSHMAN Estera Mikhla Iosel Daughter 20
GREYSHMAN Ginda Pesia Iosel Daughter 17
GREYSHMAN Rochla Iosel Daughter 10
GREYSHMAN Etka Iosel Daughter 2
LEVITAN Shmuylo Abram Head of Household 58
LEVITAN Rivka   Wife 44
LEVITAN Liba Shmuylo Daughter 15
LEVITAN Chaim Shmuylo Head of Household  
LEVITAN Shmuyla Chaim Son 50
LEVITAN Cherna   Daughter-in-law 37
LEVITAN Neska Shmuylo Grandchild 13
LEVITAN Sender Shmuylo Grandchild 23
LEVITAN Rocha   Sender's wife 20
BARAN Eliash Gershen Head of Household  
BARAN Shevel Gershen Brother 37
BARAN Rochla   Brother's wife 38
SHMID Iudel Girsha Ovsey Cousin 15
BETEN Todres Gesel Izrael Head of Household  
KLOTS Wulf Efroim Mendel Head of Household 49
KLOTS Iosel Mendel Brother 35
KLOTS Sholom Mendel Iosel Nephew 10
KLOTS Gena   Wife 48
KLOTS Nakhama   Brother's wife 33
TURCHIN Eliash Rubin Head of Household  
ABELSKY Movsha David Shmerko Head of Household 46
ABELSKY Mariam   Wife (?) 44
ABELSKY Shora Chana Movsha David Daughter 12
ABELSKY Etka Movsha David Daughter 9
ABELSKY Chaska Movsha David Daughter 7
ABELSKY Rocha Leah Movsha David Daughter 3
ABELSKY Abram Movsha David Son 14
KLOTS Izrael Chaim Efroim Orel Head of Household 28
KLOTS Gitla Basheva   Wife 28
KLOTS Malka Izrael Chaim Daughter 5
GORODETS Wulf Gertsik Head of Household 58
GORODETS Freyda   Wife 54
REZ Leyba Itsyk Head of Household 67
REZ Mera   Wife 61
REZ Fruma Leyba Daughter 15
GLIK Movsha Leyba Head of Household 42
GLIK Bentsel Movsha Son  
GLIK Chaya   Wife 46
GLIK Wulf Movsha Head of Household 24
GLIK Sheyna   Wife 24
GLIK Meriam Wulf Daughter 1
MINTS Shmuylo Abram Head of Household  
MINTS Yankel Shmuylo Son  
MINTS Avadie Abram Brother  
MINTS Abram Kadysh Cousin  
PERELMAN Naftal Berko Borukh Cousin 14
DEVALTOVSKY Bentsel Movsha Head of Household 22
DEVALTOVSKY Gilna   Wife 20
DEVALTOVSKY Reyzla Mikhla Bentsel Daughter 3 months
LEVIN Shlioma Leyba Gershen Head of Household 59
LEVIN Chaim Girsha Shlioma Leyba Son  
LEVIN Movsha Ariy Shlioma Leyba Son 22
LEVIN Movsha Shlioma Leyba Son 18
LEVIN Malka   Wife 48
LEVIN Rivka   Daughter-in-law 20
KURLIANDCHIK Itsyk Shimel Iudel Head of Household 57
KURLIANDCHIK Mortkhel Shmerel Itsyk Son 23
KURLIANDCHIK Malka   Wife 55
KURLIANDCHIK Chava   Daughter-in-law 24
KURLIANDCHIK Touba Mortkhel Shmerel Grandchild 1
FAYNBERG Girsha Kopel Gershon Shimel Head of Household  
FAYNBERG Peysakh Zelik Girsha Kopel Gershon Son 24
FAYNBERG Gena Hosia   Daughter-in-law 22
FAYNBERG Chana Peysakh Zelik Grandchild 3
LOP BeynashYankel Iosel Head of Household  
LOP Bentsel Beynash Yankel Son 28
LOP Leyba Girsha Beynash Yankel Son 24
LOP Orel Iosel Brother 42
LOP Iosel Orel Nephew 26
LOP Mendel Yankel Orel Nephew 24
LOP Pesia   Brother's wife 44
LOP Kreyna Orel Niece 17
LOP Abel Leyb Cousin  
KURLIANDCHIK Shimel Iosel Head of Household 46
KURLIANDCHIK Yankel Shimel Son 24
KURLIANDCHIK Mikhla   Wife 46
KURLIANDCHIK Rochla Shimel Daughter 12
KURLIANDCHIK Chaya Abram Stepdaughter 19
GOLDSHTIK Meyer Itsyk Ovsey Gesel Head of Household 62
GOLDSHTIK Chaim Wulf Meyer Itsyk Son 21
GOLDSHTIK Etla   Wife 42
GOLDSHTIK Rochla Meyer Itsyk Daughter 12
STROM Rubin Markel Zelik Head of Household  
STROM Zelik Rubin Markel Son 32
STROM Freyda   Daughter-in-law 31
PUN Yankel Pinkhas Head of Household 42
PUN Chaim Shimel Yankel Son 24
PUN Beyla   Wife 43
PUN Elka Yankel Daughter 20
PUN Rivka Yankel Daughter 18
PUN Mariasha Yankel Daughter 14
PUN Rivka   Daughter-in-law 23
VERBLIUNSKY Itsyk Movsha Head of Household 20
SHER Pinkhas Mendel Rafal Head of Household 39
SHER Yakhla   2nd Wife 40
SHER Basia Pinkhas Daughter 12
SHER Dobra Pinkhas Daughter 8
RITBLOT Iudel Movsha Itsyk Head of Household 42
RITBLOT Shimel Ber Iudel Son 14
RITBLOT Chana Rochla   Wife 41
RITBLOT Dina Iudel Daughter 9
GELF Wulf Abram Head of Household  
GELF Itsik Wulf Son  
GELF Movsha Wulf Son  
GELF Wulf Abram Nephew 38
GELF Rivka   Wife 50
GELF Rochla   Nephew's wife 44
GELF Keyla Wulf Nephew's daughter 16
BERNSHTEYN Izrael Nosel Head of Household 24
BERNSHTEYN Fruma   Wife 22
BERNSHTEYN Feyga Izrael Daughter 1
BUKANTS Meyer Itsek Head of Household 53
BUKANTS Itsyk Abel Meyer Son 24
BUKANTS Malka   Wife 47
BUKANTS Chaya Muska   Daughter-in-law 26
BUKANTS Shmuyla Mortkhel Cousin 24
BUKANTS Chana Mera   Cousin's wife 25
SHETS Iovnash Leyba Osher Head of Household 36
SHETS Malka     34
SHAKHMAN Shora Iovel   Head of Household 35
SHAKHMAN Gena   Wife 26
SHAKHMAN Estera Shora Iovel Daughter 10
SHAKHMAN Tsivia Shora Iovel Daughter 6
ZAK Mortkhel Shimel Izrael Head of Household  
GADIE Iosel Zelik Peysakh Head of Household 30
GADIE Chaya Touba   Wife 27
GADIE Reyza Rivka Iosel Zelik Daughter 1
GADIE Abram Ber Peysakh Itsek Head of Household 39
GADIE Getsel Shmuyla Abram Ber Son 13
GADIE Sora Brayna   Wife 28
GADIE Reyza Etka Abram Ber Daughter 11
GADIE Tsyra Malka Abram Ber Daughter 8
PRAYSKEL Movsha Efroim Head of Household  
PRAYSKEL Borukh Movsha Son 38
PRAYSKEL Rocha Gitel   Daughter-in-law 36
PRAYSKEL Chaya Rivka Borukh Grandchild 8
PRAYSKEL Sora Leah Borukh Grandchild 5
PRAYSKEL Efroim Borukh Grandchild 20
PRAYSKEL Raykha Zelda   Efroim's W 18
IOFE Leyba Aron Girsh Head of Household 46
IOFE Wulf Chaim Leyba Son 16
IOFE Gena Rochla   Wife 44
IOFE Leah Leyba Daughter 18
IOFE Nakhama Leyba Daughter 12
IOFE Mikhla Leyba Daughter 9
IOFE Rivka Leyba Daughter 3
VILON Abram Movsha Head of Household 40
VILON Chaya Sora   Wife 41
VILON Enta Abram Daughter 14
VILON Touba Abram Daughter 3
VILON Beyla Abram Daughter 1
ZINAN Shaya Wulf Borukh Head of Household 50
ZINAN Abram Shaya Wulf Son 24
ZINAN Freyda   Wife 46
VILK Iosel Eliash Abram Head of Household 46
VILK Gena Fruma   Wife 44
VILK Rocha Shumka Iosel Eliash Daughter 14
VILK Leah Iosel Eliash Daughter 5
VILK Nakhama Sora Iosel Eliash Daughter 3
GADIE Movsha David Head of Household  
GADIE Nokhim Movsha Son 15
GADIE Iosel Movsha Son 7
GADIE Dobka   Wife 37
GADIE Reyza Movsha Daughter 20
GADIE Etka(?) Movsha Daughter 10
KAN Mortkhel Orel Binek Head of Household  
KAN Chasia   Wife 50
KAN Dobra Mortkhel Orel Daughter 11
FREYNKEL Izrael Leyba Mortkhel Head of Household 31
FREYNKEL Chaya Rochla   Wife 27
FREYNKEL Sora Mortkhel Sister 14
GRAS Mendel Bentsel Ovsey Head of Household 42
GRAS Chaya   Wife 38
GRAS Rochla Leah Mendel Bentsel Daughter 14
GRAS Itka Mendel Bentsel Daughter 5
GRAS Ovsey Mendel Bentsel Son 19
MAYZLIN Movsha Iovnash Mortkhel Head of Household  
MAYZLIN Gitla   Wife 30
PLUNGIANSKY Naftel Nisel ? 34
PLUNGIANSKY Meyer Leyba Naftel ? 6
PLUNGIANSKY Mariasha Naftel ? 12
PLUNGIANSKY Feyga Naftel ? 8
PLUNGIANSKY Rivka Naftel ? 2
ZAK Abram Zelman Izrael Head of Household 39
ZAK Shimel Iokhel Abram Zelman Son  
ZAK Iudel Abram Zelman Son 7
ZAK Sheyna Tsipa   Wife 39
ZAK Estera Abram Zelman Daughter 11
KAMBER Abel Itsek Head of Household 56
KAMBER Shora   Wife 57
KAMBER Pesia Abel Daughter 17
KAMBER Riska Abel Daughter 14
MORDEL Notel Yankel Berko Head of Household 31
MORDEL Leyba Ber Notel Yankel Son 11
MORDEL Sheyna   Wife 30
MORDEL Beyla Notel Yankel Daughter 7
MORDEL Malka Notel Yankel Daughter 4
MORDEL Gisa Notel Yankel Daughter 1
SHER David Shimel Gersh Head of Household 41
SHER Rocha   Wife 40
SHER Tsyvia David Shimel Daughter 8
LEVIN Ayzyk Ber Mortkhel Head of Household 51
LEVIN Abram Ayzyk Ber Son 30
LEVIN Enta Sora   Wife 44
LEVIN Chana Ginda   2nd Daughter-in-law 25
REZ Mikhel Eliash Head of Household 34
REZ Tauba   Wife 37
REZ Chana Mikhel Daughter 15
REZ Gena Mikhel Daughter 5
REZ Golda Eliash Sister 18
GURVICH Wulf Berko Head of Household 26
GURVICH Zisla Malka   Wife 27
GURVICH Liba Wulf Daughter 8
GURVICH Reyza Wulf Daughter 4
LEVIN Abram Berko Shlioma Head of Household 39
LEVIN Rocha   Wife 29
LEVIN Sora Gitla Abram Berko Daughter 4
SHETS Movsha Aron Itsek Head of Household  
KAN Nokhim Shimel Abram Head of Household  
GARUN Girsh Itsek Head of Household 42
GARUN Shmerko Girsh Son 14
GARUN Itsyk Girsh Son 12
GARUN Rochla   Wife 38
GARUN Sora Feyga Girsh Daughter 4
GARUN Beyla Itsek Sister 36
STROM Movsha David Mortkhel Head of Household 50
STROM Mera Brokha   Wife 50
STROM Feyga Movsha David Daughter 18
STROM Chana Movsha David Daughter 6
LEVIN Wulf Ayzyk Head of Household 38
LEVIN Sheyna Rochla   Wife 34
LEVIN Girsh Yankel Wulf Son 8
LEVIN Reyza Raykha Wulf Daughter 12
LEVIN Estera Gena Wulf Daughter 6
PAGELOVICH Meyer Zelik Head of Household 33
PAGELOVICH Sora Leah   Wife 30
GOLD Eliash Wulf Chaim Head of Household 35
GOLD Zlata Enta   Wife 32
GOLD Rochla Eliash Wulf Daughter 14
GOLD Reyza Eliash Wulf Daughter 11
LIPMANOVICH Berko Leyb Head of Household  
LIPMANOVICH Mortkhel Berko Son  
LEVIN Mortkhel Ayzyk Head of Household 31
LEVIN Sheyna Reyza   Wife 29
LEVIN Chaya Dina Mortkhel Daughter 7
SHLOM Iokhel Eliash Borukh Head of Household 31
SHLOM Rocha Reyza   Wife 29
SHLOM Sheyna Cherna Iokhel Eliash Daughter 9
ZIV David Leyzer Gesel Head of Household  
ZIV Ovsey Itsyk Nephew 27
ZIV Gnese   Nephew's wife 24
GLIK Shaia Orel Movsha Head of Household 29
GLIK Rasa   Wife 25
TSALEL Gabriel Abram Kivel Mortkhel Head of Household 54
TSALEL Tsalko Eliash Gabriel Abram Son 25
TSALEL Abram Itsko Gabriel Abram Son  
TSALEL Dina   Wife 32
TSALEL Chaya Menukha   Daughter-in-law 25
TSON Shakhno Movsha Head of Household  
TSON Mortkhel Chaim Eliash Nephew 21
MONAS Leyba Itsek Movsh Head of Household 41
MONAS Leyzer Itsyk Leyba Son 23
MONAS Mera Etla   Wife 40
MONAS Chaya Meriam Leyba Daughter 10
MONAS Gitla   Daughter-in-law 23
MOVSHA Itsyk Meyer Naftel Head of Household  
MOVSHA Eliash Mendel Itsyk Son  
LIURIY Zelman Izrael Head of Household  
LIURIY Izrael Nota Zelman Son 17
BUZANSKY Movsha Itsyk Head of Household 31
BUZANSKY Pesia   Wife 31
BUZANSKY Yakhla Movsha Daughter 14
BUZANSKY Rasa Shifra Movsha Daughter 7
GORODETS Fayvysh Notel Girsh Wulf Head of Household 33
GORODETS Sora Itka   Wife 31
MORDEL Leyzer Leyba Meyer Shmuylo Head of Household 39
MORDEL Beyla Mariasha   Wife 37
MORDEL Etka Leyzer Leyba Daughter 21
MORDEL Dvora Leyzer Leyba Daughter 11
GIDEYNA Chaim Iosel Head of Household 36
GIDEYNA Movsha Peysakh Chaim Son 12
GIDEYNA Hiena   Wife 35
GIDEYNA Etka Leah Chaim Daughter 14
GIDEYNA Rivka Brayna Chaim Daughter 10
MINTS Yankel Leyb Shlomo Gershen Head of Household 49
MINTS Arie Gershon Yankel Leyb Son  
MINTS Feyga   Wife 45
MINTS Goga Yankel Leyb Daughter 19
MINTS Malka Nakhama Yankel Leyb Daughter 15
MINTS Cora Yankel Leyb Daughter 4
BARAN Iosel Gesel Itsyk Movsha Head of Household  
GOLD Sholem Abel Leyba Shimel Head of Household  
BARAN Eliash Borukh Iser Head of Household  
PRAYSKEL Zusman Shmuylo Naftel Head of Household 35
PRAYSKEL Movsha Zusman Shmuylo Son 19
PRAYSKEL Beyla Rivka   Wife 38
PRAYSKEL Rochla Zusman Shmuylo Daughter 10
PRAYSKEL Ivonash Nosel Nephew  
PRAYSKEL Zundel Naftel ?  
PRAYSKEL Movsha Zundel Zundel's son  
UZVOLOK Abram Tubiash Naftel Head of Household 42
UZVOLOK Shmuyla Tevel Abram Tubiash Son 21
UZVOLOK Libe Reyza   Wife 41
UZVOLOK Sora Abram Tubiash Daughter 10
KAN Movsha Wulf Orel Head of Household 39
KAN Sora   Wife 36
TUBIASH Izrael Movsha Rubin Head of Household  
KULVIANSKY Peysakh Mendel Head of Household 18
OVSEYEVICH Shmuyla Abram Zelik Head of Household  
KUR Iosel Girsh Shaia Head of Household  
SANDLER Todres Gershen Kopel Head of Household  
ROZENBERG Hatskel Perets Head of Household 33
ROZENBERG Berko Hatskel Son 6 months
ROZENBERG Hiena Chaya   Wife 32
ROZENBERG Sheyna Rochla Hatskel Daughter 10
ROZENBERG Ita Leah Hatskel Daughter 4
ZAK Iokhel David Izrael Head of Household 21
ZAK Bluma   Wife 19
FIS/FISH Ber Itsyk Head of Household 39
FIS/FISH Rivka Zlata   Wife 37
FIS/FISH Rochla Ber Daughter 15
FIS/FISH Chana Ber Daughter 12
LEVIN Berel Mortkhel Head of Household  
HATSKELEVICH Iosel Menakhem Head of Household 55
HATSKELEVICH Tsalel Iosel Son 28
HATSKELEVICH Hatskel Iosel Son 16
HATSKELEVICH Rikla Feyga   Wife 51
HATSKELEVICH Meriam Iosel Daughter 19
HATSKELEVICH Ita   Daughter-in-law 27
LEYZEROVICH Shmuylo Iudel Leyba Head of Household  
ABRAMOVICH Movsha Girsha Shlioma Head of Household  
GARUN Girsha Gesel Itsyk Mendel Head of Household 27
GARUN Rocha Leah   Wife 30
GARUN Itka Girsha Gesel Daughter 2
FIS/FISH Tsemakh David Borukh Head of Household 25
FIS/FISH Sora   Wife 24
NAMANUNTS Eliash Movsha David Head of Household
NAMANUNTS David Movsha Eliash Son 23
ABELSKY Leyba Nisel Mortkhel Shmerko Head of Household 37
ABELSKY Golda Sheyna   Wife 33
LIBERMAN Wulf Pinkhas Leyba Head of Household 28
LIBERMAN Rocha Pesia   Wife 25
CHAIMOVICH Iosel Itsko Girsh Head of Household 30
CHAIMOVICH Zusman Iosel Itsko Son 1
CHAIMOVICH Rivka   Wife 24
ZILBER Ovsey Pinkhas Itsek Head of Household 10
MONASHEVICH Aron Naftel Head of Household 42
MONASHEVICH Rivka   Wife 37
RABIN Girsha Mortkhel Head of Household 33
RABIN Tsivie   Wife 35
RAGOLSKY Itsyk Azriel Head of Household 24
RAGOLSKY Reyza   Wife? 23
LEVIN Berko Shlioma Head of Household 39
LEVIN Bluma   Wife 38
SHAPIRA Nokhim Leyba Head of Household 30
SHAPIRA Rivka   Wife 25
SHAPIRA Sheyna Basia Nokhim Daughter 4
ZIV Itsyk Ovsey Head of Household 58
ZIV Girsha Itsyk Son 35
ZIV Leyba Itsyk Son 33
ZIV Elka   Wife 61
ZIV Rocha Leah   Daughter-in-law 30
ZIV Touba Gitla Girsha Grandchild 5
ZIV Rayna Girsha Grandchild 2
ZIV Gitla   Daughter-in-law 30
ZIV Chaya Sora Leyba Grandchild 4
VILK Iosel Eliash Head of Household 46
VILK Eliash Iosel Son 32
VILK Abram Girsha Iosel Son 16
VILK Mindla   Wife 44
VILK Freyda Iosel Daughter 24
VILK Reyza Iosel Daughter 20
VILK Mikhla   Daughter-in-law 30
VILK Shora Gena Eliash Grandchild 9
KAPLAN Peysakh Girsh Head of Household 46
KAPLAN Reyza   Wife 38
KAPLAN Shora Peska Peysakh Daughter 12
KAPLAN Tsivie Peysakh Daughter 10
BUKANTS Sholem Chaim Abel Head of Household 39
BUKANTS Marysh Leyba Sholim Chaim Son 12
BUKANTS Etla   Wife 40
BUKANTS Raynkha Sholim Chaim Daughter 7
GLEZER Izrael Leyba Head of Household  
GLEZER Itsyk Leyba Izrael Son 10
GOLDSHMID Nakhemia Meyer Head of Household 30
GOLDSHMID Misel Iudel Nakhemia Son 10
GOLDSHMID Beyla   Wife 30
GOLDSHMID Chana Nakhemia Daughter 8
FAYNBER(G) Wulf David Girsh Head of Household  
MAYLER Girsh Fayvish Head of Household 40
MAYLER Fayvish Iosel Girsh Son 9
MAYLER Gutla   Wife 38
MAYLER Bluma Girsh Daughter 5
REZ Itsko Girsha Head of Household  
REZ Zundel Leyb Head of Household 51
REZ Leyba Shimel Zundel Son  
REZ Shimel Kalman Zundel Son 11
REZ Chaya Brayna   Wife 52
LEVIN Eliash Borukh Head of Household 31
LEVIN Rochla   Wife 25
KUPER Movsha Itsyk Izrael Head of Household  
VAYNSHTEYN Ovsey Girsh Head of Household 18
KOLP Berko Nokhim Leyba Head of Household 39
KOLP Riska   Wife 36
MEDINTS Meylakh Abel Izrael Head of Household 28
MEDINTS Rochla Bayla   Wife? 27
GRADMAN Movsha Abel Head of Household 28
GRADMAN Meriam Feyga Wife 25
GINZBERG Getsel Peysakh Head of Household 25
NOTELOVICH Iudel David Izrael Head of Household 32
NOTELOVICH Sora Sheytla   Wife 22
NOTELOVICH Sheyna Leah Iudel David Daughter 1-1/2
SHLIOMOVICH Leyzer Iudel Meyer Head of Household 28
SHLIOMOVICH Gitla   Wife 26
SHLIOMOVICH Liba Leyzer Iudel Daughter 7
SHLIOMOVICH Dvora Leyzer Iudel Daughter 4
MORDEL Fayvish Meyer Head of Household 20
MORDEL Zelman Fayvish Son 1
MORDEL Yakha   Wife 19
KORMIALOVSKY Itsyk Shimon Chaim Head of Household 6
ITSYKZON Abram Iudel Todres Head of Household 28
ITSYKZON Chaya   Wife 22
LAPIN Mortkhel Berko Head of Household 24
LAPIN Iosel Mortkhel Son 1
LAPIN Gitla   Wife 19
LAPIN Rivka Mortkhel Daughter 2
MORDEL Iovel Berk Head of Household  
KURLIANDCHIK Benjamin Shlioma Nosel Head of Household  
BARG Yankel Mortkhel Head of Household  
MEDYNTS Shimel Notel Kadysh Head of Household 24
MEDYNTS Chasia   Wife 25
PLANKER Girsha Itsek Head of Household 54
PLANKER Gesel Girsha Son  
PLANKER Iovna Zelman Girsha Son 21
PLANKER Sora   Wife 53
PLANKER Rochla Leah   Daughter-in-law 20
GORODETS Iosel Mortkhel Nokhim Head of Household 24
KARP Yankel Iudel Head of Household  
KARP Abel Ayzyk ?  
GLIK Zundel Ayzyk Head of Household 39
GLIK Ayzyk Zundel Son  
GLIK Eliash Leyba Zundel Son 16
GLIK Nokhim Ber Ayzyk Brother  
GLIK Gena   Wife 37
GLIK Mera Ita Zundel Daughter 2
GRAS Fishel Mortkhel Head of Household  
GRAS Iser Fishel Son 18
GRAS Noson Mortkhel Brother  
KLOTS Fishel Mendel Movsha Head of Household  
KLOTS Mendel Fishel Son  
KLOTS Movsha Itsyk Fishel Son  
KLOTS David Mendel Movsha Brother  
KLOTS Shlioma Bentsel Cousin  
SHMID Iosel Iudel Head of Household  
SHMID Izrael Leyzer Iosel Son 24
SHMID Shlioma Iudel Brother  
SHMID Rochla   Daughter-in-law 26
BETEN Abram Itsyk Shlioma Head of Household 24
BETEN Meriam   Wife 22
GIDUT Chaim Abram Head of Household 36
GIDUT Orel Iosel Abram Brother  
GIDUT Eliash Abram Brother  
ZANVIL Rubin Yankel Head of Household 46
ZANVIL Movsha Girshon Rubin Son  
ZANVIL Tserka Dobra   Wife 42
ZANVIL Pesia Rubin Daughter 6
ZANVIL Hiena Rubin Daughter 4
BEYM Shimel Leyb ?  
STROM Eliash Osher Head of Household 33
STROM Dvera   Wife 33
KURLIANDCHIK Girsha Leyb Head of Household 36
KURLIANDCHIK Itka Mariasha   Wife (?) 34
KURLIANDCHIK Ita Leyka Girsha Daughter (1st W) 7
HAIT/CHAIT Nison Yankel Head of Household  
HAIT/CHAIT Itsyk Ayzyk Nison Son  
HAIT/CHAIT Wulf Nison Son  
HAIT/CHAIT Shimel Leyzer Movsha Cousin 33
HAIT/CHAIT Sheyna Gitla   Cousin's wife 25
GUTMAN Girsha Leyb Head of Household 41
GUTMAN Fayvish Girsha Son 12
GUTMAN Mindla   Wife 42
GUTMAN Chaya Girsha Daughter 20
GUTMAN Gutla Girsha Daughter 17
GUTMAN Etka Girsha Daughter 9
GUTMAN Sora Girsha Daughter 6
ROZENBERG Girsha Tsemakh Cousin 16
BIN Leyba Shebsel Head of Household 42
BIN Shebsel Leyba Son 22
BIN Pinkhas Leyba Son 12
BIN Noakh Shebsel Brother 38
BIN Yankel Noakh Nephew  
BIN Ginda   Wife 36
BIN Sheyna Leyba Daughter 18
BIN Chaya Leyba Daughter 16
BIN Rikla   Brother's wife 33
BIN Chaya Noakh Niece 17
BIN Freyda Noakh Niece 1
KURLIANDCHIK Iudel Peysakh Misel Head of Household  
KURLIANDCHIK Misel Misel Brother 24
KURLIANDCHIK Rochla   Brother's wife 22
SHMID Abram Iudel Head of Household  
SHMID Shmuyla Chaim Abram Son  
KURLIANDCHIK Getsel Rubin Abram Head of Household 57
KURLIANDCHIK Tsypka Getsel Rubin Daughter 21
STOLIAR Meyer Girsh Head of Household 28
STOLIAR Gitla   Wife 26
STOLIAR Chana Leah Meyer Daughter 9
STOLIAR Feyga Girsh Sister 22
STOLIAR Dobka Girsh Sister 11
WOLF Hatskel Abel Movsha Head of Household 38
WOLF Feyga   Wife 35
LEYBOVICH Shmerko Kopel Movsha Head of Household  
LEYBOVICH Meyer Shmerko Kopel Son  
POSLAV Girsha Iovnash Nokhim Head of Household  
POSLAV Noson Shmerel(?) Girsha Iovnash Son  
POSLAV Chaim Nokhim Girsha Iovnash Son 24
POSLAV Iudel Girsha Iovnash Son 22
POSLAV Leah   Daughter-in-law 22
POSLAV Paya Chaim Nokhim Grandchild 3
BARAN Girsha Borukh Eliash Head of Household 38
BARAN Abram Berko Girsha Borukh Son 11
BARAN Ginda   Wife 35
BARAN Girsha Iosel Movsha ?  
TUBER Abram Meyer Iokhel Head of Household 56
TUBER Nokhim Ber Abram Meyer Son 54
TUBER Iokhel Abram Meyer Son 24
TUBER Tevel Yankel Iokhel Brother 40
TUBER Rivka Rochla   Wife 54
TUBER Chana   Daughter-in-law 26
TUBER Tsirka   Brother's wife 41
TUBER Merka Tevel Yankel Niece 22
VITKIN Borukh Iosel Shaia Head of Household 29
VITKIN Yankel Ovsey Shaia Brother 26
VITKIN Sora Mirka   Wife 27
BEDER Girsha Benjimen Shimel Head of Household 37
BEDER Brayna Dvora   Wife 40
ZELIKOVICH Itsko Gertsyk Head of Household 48
ZELIKOVICH Yankel Leyba Itsko Gertsyk Son 28
ZELIKOVICH Peysakh Itsko Gertsyk Son 24
ZELIKOVICH Nokhim Tsodyk Itsko Gertsyk Son 22
ZELIKOVICH Rivka Enta   Wife 51
ZELIKOVICH Dobra   Daughter-in-law 26
TAYTS Girsha Itsyk Shlioma Head of Household 41
TAYTS Chana   Wife 44
LEYZEROVICH Meyer Leyba Head of Household  
FAYN Meyer Chaim Abram Yankel Head of Household 37
FAYN Fayvish Leyba Meyer Chaim Son 1
FAYN Sheyna Merka   Wife 37
FAYN Etla Hiena Meyer Chaim Daughter 16
FAYN Sheyna Leah Meyer Chaim Daughter 7
FAYN Dobra Meyer Chaim Daughter 5
SHNAYD Girsha Yankel Iudel Gershen Head of Household 56
SHNAYD Gershon Girsha Yankel Son  
SHNAYD Sheyna Rochla   Wife 46
SHMID Ovsey Yankel Head of Household 34
SHMID Estera   Wife 36
SHMID Pesa Mirka Ovsey Daughter 9
BAR Iosel Notel Head of Household 36
BAR Sheyna   Wife 34
KOPELEVICH Iosel Izrael Head of Household 42
KOPELEVICH Tsypa Reyza   Wife 41
KOPELEVICH Basia Iosel Daughter 18
KOPELEVICH Rivka Iosel Daughter 8
ZIV Meyer Movsha Head of Household 42
ZIV Sora   Wife 40
ZIV Chana Meyer Daughter 9
ZIV Chava Meyer Daughter 7
ZIV Chaya Meyer Daughter 5
ZIV Dvora Meyer Daughter 3
FARBER Rubin Iudel Head of Household 38
FARBER Chaya   Wife 41
KANGISER Chaim Movsha Shimel Iudel Head of Household 47
KANGISER Leyba Chaim Movsha Son 17
KANGISER Sora   Wife 37
KANGISER Feyga Liba Chaim Movsha Daughter 12
KANGISER Matla Chaim Movsha Daughter 6
GARUN Shebsel Mortkhel Berko Eliash Head of Household 43
GARUN Itsyk Shebshel Mortkhel Son 18
GARUN Ita Leah Shebshel Mortkhel Daughter 20
FAYNBERG Movsha Iosel Gershen Head of Household  
SHETS Gdaliy Itsek Head of Household  
GLIK Mortkhel Chaim Head of Household  
FAYN Berko Orel Borukh Head of Household  
FAYN Girsha Wulf Berko Son  
KURLIANDCHIK Iosel Girsha Head of Household  
SHMID Tankhel Iudel Iosel Head of Household 56
SHMID Abram Itsyk Tankhel Son  
SHMID Sora   Wife 53
KURLIANDCHIK Itsko Gershen Head of Household 38
KURLIANDCHIK Nekha   Wife 36
GREYSHMAN Mortkhel Girsh Ovsey Head of Household  
GREYSHMAN Yankel Girsha Mortkhel Son  
MONGEN Notel Movsha Head of Household 38
MONGEN Riva   Wife 37

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