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Dear Genners:

I would like to share some exciting news for anyone who has roots in the former Rovno Uezd (district) of Volin Guberniya. Recently, the Ukraine SIG, with the cooperation of the Central Archives for the History of the Jewish People (CAHJP), acquired the digital images from five rolls of microfilm containing Russian-language revision lists (revizskie skazki) for 1811, 1816-28, 1850-52 and 1858-74 for towns in the Rovno Uezd. The list of known towns at this time includes: Tuchin, Horynhrad/Kripa, Rivne and Dubrovitsa. There are also 1932 tax lists from the town of Korets (Korzec) on the same reels. This project will fund the translation of these 6,500+ pages of original documents and eventually make the data available to everyone via the JewishGen Ukraine Database.

You can find out more about this new project by going to the Ukraine SIG donation page and select:
Rovno Uezd Region: Jewish Records Project   or click on this link:  Rovno

This is a big project, and we need your help to make it work. Please consider a donation. We will also be needing capable Russian- and Polish-language translators, so if you are interested in participating, please contact me.

Thanks so much for your JewishGen-erosity!

Best regards,
David R. Brill,
Town Leader for Tuchin KehilaLink

June 2017

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