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Równe Families

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Baharal Family

Baral Family
Równe, ca. 1925
(courtesy: Arik Dotan)

The Baharal family name is a Hebrew acronym for B'nei Harav Leib – בהר״ל; the Yiddish version of the acronym is Baral (B'nai reb Leib) – בר״ל.

The surname originates with a family ancestor – Reb Leib Sarah – who was a disciple of the Bal Shem Tov and a descendant of the Prague Maharal (Judah Loew ben Bezalel, Talmudic scholar, mystic, philosopher, and 16th century founder of the great Talmudic Academy of Prague – the Klaus ).

Several members of the Shlomo & Batya Baral family appear in the above photo, taken in Rovno in 1925.

(L-R) front: Shlomo & Batya (murdered by the Germans in 1941); mother of either Shlomo or Batya; Tzivya (d-i-l), holding her two-year-old son David Baharal (later, an IDF colonel). (L-R) rear: Dvora (oldest surviving child of Shlomo & Batya); Yossef

(murdered, along with his parents Shlomo & Batya); Pola (youngest surviving child of Shlomo & Batya); Israel Baharal (oldest son & president of the IGUD bank of Palestine), standing behind his wife Tzivya.

Not shown are two daughters: Frida and Tema. The former was married to Mordechai Rasis; they were childless. The latter was married to Meir Kudish, a founder of the Tarbut School in Rovno. They had a son (Julik?) who was studying medicine when he was drafted into the Soviet Army during World War II; he was killed in action in 1942.

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Blank Family

Joseph Blank
Równe, ca. 1900
(courtesy: jody blanke)
Sam Blank
immigrated, NYC 1902
age 16
unk. location, ca. 1900
(courtesy: jody blanke)
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Szwom Family

Szwom Family
Rachel Szwom,
her brother Hersz
& his wife & children
Równe, ca. 1935
(courtesy: michael kam)
“To our Weinstein: G'mar Chatima Tova, One
[photo] is for our sister & the other for our
mother-in-law, from the Szwom family”
Równe, ca. 1935
(courtesy: michael kam)
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Vollach Family

Vollach Family, Równe, ca. 1900
(courtesy: brenda wolch silver)

(L-R) front: Sosie Vollach Kushner holding son Chaim; Miriam Vollach; Miriam's mother; Hymie Vollach; Zeivel Vollach holding son Joseph; Reuben(?) Vollach; Tom Vollach (parents: Etta & Beryl).

(L-R) rear: Nachman Kushner (Sosie's husband); Tom Vollach; Baila Vollach; Chai Dvera (Zeivel's wife); Etta & Beryl Vollach.

The Vollach family emigrated to Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada where the family name was changed to Wolch. Not shown in the photograph are Yehuda Leib, Joseph, & Fred, who were in Winnipeg.

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Gorenshtein Family

Gershon Gorenshtein
1911 - 1942, Równe
(courtesy: leah teicher)
Roza née Gorenshtein
1914 - 1942, Równe
with son Jacob
(courtesy: leah teicher)
Eliyahu Gorenshtein
1879 - 1942, Równe
with sister D'vora Kraft
(courtesy: leah teicher)

(top, left): Gershon Gorenshtein is the son of Eliyahu and Zlata née Choronziec Gorenshtein. Gershon married Rachel Shnil (1913 - 1942) of Sarney. They had a son Moses (a.k.a. Mish) who was born in 1940.

Gershon was a scholar and was conversant in several languages. He studied at the Tarbut Gymnasium and was an active member of the Gordonia youth movement. While living in the ghetto Gershon worked as a translator.

Gershon and his family were murdered on or about 9 - 11 November 1942 in the Sosenki Forest outside of Równe.

(top, right): Roza, whose maiden name is Gorenshtein, was married but her husband's name is not known. She had a son Jacob (a.k.a. Yasha). Roza was Gershon's sister. She and Gershon had a sister – Manya Teicher. Roza and her son were living in the Równe ghetto and were probably murdered in one of the forest murder sites near Równe.

(above): In the photo, Eliyahu is shown with his sister D'vora Kraft who, along with her family, perished during The Holocaust. Eliyahu is the son of Moshe and Malka née Baharal Gorenshtein. Elia married Zlata Choronciez. The couple had three children: Gershon, Roza, and Manya (1921 - 2011). Only Manya survived The Holocaust.

Elia also had a brother and another sister, Israel and Sara, respectively. These siblings, along with their families, died during The Holocaust. Eliyahu was the owner of a store that sold newspapers, magazines, candy, and cigarettes. Eliyahu and his wife Zlata were murdered, probably in the Równe ghetto itself or in one of the nearby forests.

Zlata Choronciez Gorenshtein's parents, Shimon and Bat Sheva; her sisters Chana and Sonja; and her brother Jacob, together with their families, perished during The War.

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Blay Family

1928 - 1941

researched & translated
Tomasz Jankowski, Ph.D.

funded by
Rosemarie Cohen

Surname Given Name Age Occupation Address Source
Blay Berko   trade Poniatowskiego 40 Jewish Community members' list, 1933
Blay Borukh   real estate owner Poniatowskiego Jewish Community members' list, 1933
Blay Brokha       List of executed people, 1941
Blay David 37 trader Shkilna 17 Voter List, 1928
Blay David   trader Szkilna Jewish Community members' list, 1933
Blay Ester       List of executed people, 1941
Blay Ikhel Aaron       List of executed people, 1941
Blay Meylakh 64 carpenter Shkilna 29 Voter List, 1928
Blay Oleksandr Ziskind       List of executed people, 1941
Blay Srul Iser 52 trader Poniatowskiego 120 Voter List, 1928
Blay Yankel-Ber 50 trader 3 Maja 60 Voter List, 1928
Blay Zeylik 52 laborer B. Josel 45 Voter List, 1928
Blay-Gurtenberg Ester       List of executed people, 1941
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