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School Scenes

Shalom Aleichem Elementary School
Rowno Elementary School

Tarbut Schools

Tarbut Schools were a Zionist secular educational system that spread throughout the Ukraine after the 1917 revolution. Its founders, who were members of Hoveve Sefat 'Ever (Lovers of the Hebrew Language), changed its name to Tarbut, which means "Culture".

The aim of Tarbut was to promote the establishment of Hebrew schools and public cultural activities. All classes, from kindergarten to college, were taught in Hebrew.

However, the Tarbut educational system did not last very long; it was perceived as being inconsistent with the Bolshevik Revolution. The Tarbut program did persist in Poland until the start of World War II.

One can learn more about Tarbut from articles found in the following: YIVO and Wikipedia. Several Tarbut–related photographs can be viewed below.

Tarbut Kindergarten
Named After Zionists
N.Sirkin & Y. Chlenov
Tarbut High School
First Graduation
Class of 1929
Tarbut Teachers
Tarbut Teachers & Students
November 11 March
Polish National Day
Tarbut Elementary School

Rovno School Children

A list of Rowne school children, together with their parents' names and home addresses can be viewed by clicking on the following links – one for English speakers and the other for Hebrew speakers.

The list was developed by Aharon Weisberg, the head of Israel's Rovno Organization. The Rovno Archive is the source of the material.

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Maccabees Soccer Team
Vohlyn 1932 Champions
Równe 1935 Champions
Maccabees Soccer Team
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Jewish Life

Chanukah Concert
Równe 13 Dec 1936
Cantors' & Boys' Choir
Central Synagogue
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Economic Life

Board of Directors, National Bank
Równe, ca. 1909
Board of Directors, National Bank
Równe, ca. 1920
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Vohlyner Leiben (“Vohlyn's Life”) Editorial Board
Vohlyn's first Yiddish paper
Vohlyner Leiben Editorial Board
Farewell Party for S. Shreier, editor
Aliya to Palestine, Równe, 1924
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