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Other Names

  • Tuczyn (Polish)
  • Tutshin
  • Tuchin-Krippe


Tuchin is located in western Ukraine, in the geographical region known as Volyn (Volhynia, Wolyn, etc.) approximately 24 km northeast of Rovno. The smaller town of Kripa, known in Ukrainian as Gorin'grad (Polish Horyngrod), is located approximately 7 km southwest of Tuchin. Both Tuchin and Kripa are on the banks of the Horyn River.

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View a historical map. This section of a German "Großblatt" military map from the period of World War I shows the area around Tuchin and Kripa (Horyngrod) in great detail. The original map scale is 1:100000 (1 inch equals about 1½ miles). Topographic features (including elevations), towns and streets, even individual buildings, are shown as they existed before WWI. Local villages are labeled with their Polish names.Click here to view the map.

Tuchin or Tulchin? Does your family actually have roots in Tulchin (Tul’chyn)? Remember, Tul’chyn, Ukraine, is a different town, located approximately 280 km SE of Tuchin, in the Podolia region. For more information on Tul'chyn, contact the Tul’chyn KehilaLinks web page. 

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  • This 1923 Business Directory for Tuchin and surrounding villages lists many Jewish names.Click here to search the names.

The Legacy of the Holocaust

Martef ha-Shoah (also known as the Chamber of the Holocaust) on Mount Zion in Jerusalem, has a memorial to the destroyed communities of Tuchin-Kripa. An English translation of this memorial is as follows:

To the eternal memory
of the martyrs of the communities of

Tuchin Kripa

(and the surrounding areas of Volin), may HaShem avenge their blood,
who were destroyed, murdered, burned and buried alive at the hands of the murderers, the Nazis and the Ukrainians, may their names be blotted out,
on the 13th day of Tishrei in the year 5703 (1942).
May their souls be bound up in the bond of eternal life.
Organization of Emigrants from Tuchin and Vicinity in Israel and the Diaspora

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