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The Równe Ghetto

The Shoemakers' Synagogue
(Synagoga Szewcami)

(photos contributed by Michael Winik)

In Memory of Michael Winik's
Grandparents, Holocaust Victims
They Lived Near The Synagogue.
Map of Area Centered on the
Shoemakers' Synagogue
Table of Contents

Survivors & Descendants
2012 Równe Visit

(photos contributed by Michael Winik)

Map of Rovno Market

Names of Jews living near market
(courtesy: Aharon Weisberg & Michael Winik, Israel)
(source: Rivne State Archive)
Map of Rovno Ghetto

(delineated in blue)
Judenrat 15 Jan 1942
(courtesy: Michael Winik, Israel)
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Sosenki Forest Memorial

Mass Murder site
1941 – 1942

(stones engraved with victims' family names)

Table of Contents

Kostopol Forest Memorial

Mass Murder site
1941 – 1942

Równe survivors & descendants
2012 memorial service





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