Holocaust Survivor Visits Przemyśl

The following photos were taken by Jack Fields during his trip to Przemyśl in the summer of 1999.
Jack is a Holocaust Survivor and a former resident of Przemyśl.
The following is his story. We thank Jack for sharing these memories with us.

Please note that Mr. Fields' testimony, together with the testimonies of other Przemyśl Survivors,
as well as non-Jewish residents of Przemyśl, has been published recently in:

Hartman, John. I Remember Every Day... The Fate of the Jews of Przemyśl During World War II,
Towarzystwo Przyjaciol Nauk,  Przemyśl.
Published in Polish and in English language versions.

My name was Izio (Izak) Felder and it is now Jack Fields.

I was born in Przemyśl before World War II and we lived in our own one family house in the centre of the city.
My father's name was Hersz, my mothers name was Dina.
I had a younger sister Feiga (but she was called Dziunia) and a brother Marek (called Munio).

Life at home was very good and we were not poor and not rich but
somewhere in the middle.  Every year we have travelled to the country
for one month school holidays.

When war started in 1939, our life changed drastically. I was still a child then.
Within a week, the Germans entered our city and after about a week they withdrew
to the western side of the city and the river San became the border.
We lived on the Eastern side of the river San which became part of the Soviet Union.

Life returned almost back to normal until the time when Germany
attacked the Soviet Union in June, 1941.

The Germans entered the Eastern part of the city again and the Jewish people
were herded into ghettos and later into concentration camps and so called
(in German) Vernichtungslager — the killing camps.

In 1941 I was in the Przemyśl Ghetto, followed by P.Z.L. (PolskieZaklady Lotnicze –Polish Aircraft Manufacture)
in Rzeszów, which the Germans turned into a forced labour camp. It was called "Flug Motoren Vork Reichshof"
in German (translation: Aircraft Motor Works in Rzeszów).
Then I was in the ghetto in Rzeszów, forced labour camp in Pustkow, Auschwitz (Birkenau) concentration camp,
forced labour camp in Gleiwitz3, from where we were forced to go on a big long march, concentration camp
Blechhamer, concentration camp Gross-Rosen, concentration camp Buchenwald. From Buchenwald, I was
transported to Commando Flosberg and after that we were transported to Concentration Camp Mauthausen.

The camp was liberated by the Americans but later taken over by the Russians in a territory exchange.

I have luckily survived all the concentration camps and returned to Poland in 1945. Eventually, I migrated to Australia in 1950.

I was always very interested to find out more details about Przemyśl and I visited Przemyśl several times. The last visit was in 1999.

— Jack Fields (Izio Felder)

All photos © Jack Fields, 1999
Text of memories © Jack Fields, 2000
Franciszkanska Street
Jagiellonska Street


Snigurskiego Street

Plac na Bramie

Stairs in Rynek


Inside the Central Railway Station
Railway Bridge
Railway bridge

Zasanie Railway Station

Unusual House Near Zamek

Upper Zamek Entrance
Zamek Park
Zamek Park

Lower Zamek Entrance
Cemetery Gate
Entrance to the Jewish Cemetery
Cemetery Wall
The Cemetery Wall

Holocaust Memorial
Holocaust Monument
Holocaust Memorial Close-Up

Tile Heater


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