Holocaust Memorial

Holocaust Memorial
Holocaust Memorial
photo © Jack Fields, 1999
This monument is very hard to find. In order to see it, one needs to
go to the public school at Ulica Kopernika. The monument is
situated in the backyard of the school, against the outside of
the prison wall.
Holocaust Memorial
Holocaust Memorial
photo © Jack Fields, 1999

Miejsce uswiecone krwia pomordowanych Zydow getta
przemyskiego. Masowy mord dokonany zostal w tym
miejscu na 1580 Zydach przez zbirow hitlerowskich w
latach 1942-1943. Czesc ich pamieci. TSKZ w
Przemyslu, Lipiec 1956r

"This place is sanctified by the blood of the murdered Jews from the
Przemyśl Ghetto. A mass murder was committed here by the Nazi
thugs on 1,580 Jews (men, women, and children) in 1942-1943.
May their memory be honored."
TSKZ [The Social and Cultural Association of Jews]
in Przemyśl, July 1956 .

Additional text was added in 1989:

W tym miejscu zostal dokonany mord przez zbirow
hitlerowskich latem 1943 roku na dzieciach, kobietach
i mezczyznach. W poblizu tego miejsca zwloki zostaly
spalone. Zostali do tego zmuszeni prof. Silber, Kuba
Rozenzweig, Benjamin Wider, Wolfing. Przemysl 1989
Naoczny swiadek-Julek Wachs. TSKZ

"In this place, a murder was committed by the Nazi thugs
in the summer of 1943 on men, women, and children. The
bodies were burned near this place.
The people who were forced to do this were:
Professor Silber, Kuba Rozenzweig,
Benjamin Wider, and Wolfing.
Eyewitness: Julek Wachs, Przemyśl 1989."
TSKZ [The Social and Cultural Association of Jews].


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