Holocaust-Related Memorials

Przemyśl Jewish Cemetery


(photos: Lynn Wruble, June, 1997)


Copyright © 1997 Lynn Wruble
mass grave

"In this mass grave rest the remains of 40 Jews from Medyka,
brutally murdered by the Nazi thugs in 1943.
May their memory be honored.
Exhumation of the remains was done in 1951 [or 1957?]
— thanks to the efforts of the
Social and Cultural Association of Jews,
Przemysl Chapter."

Copyright © 1997 Lynn Wruble
Holocaust monument view 1

"Let whoever stands in front of this monument
bow their head and remember with respect
the martyrs who died for
their homeland and faith,
for dignity and freedom
for all mankind
— against the brutality of
genocidal racism."

Copyright © 1997 Lynn Wruble
Holocaust monument view 2

"Jews, Poles, Lemkos, and Old Russians [Starorusini]
were brutally murdered in this place
during World War II."

Israel Singer
The Nissenbaum Family Foundation

Copyright © 1997 Lynn Wruble

Parnes/Zipper Family Memorial
died in 1921, in 1940,
in 1942 killed by the Nazis.

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