The Zamek

This unusual house belonged to Dr. Wilczer, a surgeon
located near the entrance to the Zamek (i.e., Castle)

photo and caption © Jack Fields, 1999
Zamek Park
Park Zamkowy (the Castle Park)
photo and caption © Jack Fields, 1999

Zamek, which means "castle", is situated near the center of the city on a rather steep hill. It is quite large and is comprised of many mini-forests.

The Zamek is a very well-known area to people from Przemyśl.
It has three entrances. You can reach them by:

  1. going up the Rynek stairs (City Square), then turning right into ulica Grodzka and then left into ulica Kmity.
    (Those streets are steep.)
  2. walking up ulica Katedralna and Zamkowa. Those streets are very steep, and most people had to have a rest half way up.
  3. going up a very steep street from ulica Sanocka
Entrance to the upper part of the Zamek
photo and caption © Jack Fields, 1999

"KopiecTatarski " (the Tartar Hill) is the highest spot in the Zamek. Rumor has it that a Tartar chief is buried there. Tartars came from Mongolia in Asia and attacked Poland in the past.

The ruins of the Zamek have now been restored. The castle was built by King Casimir the Great. History tells us that Casimir was a builder. A popular saying states that he found the country built of wood, and left it made of stone & mortar.

Entrance to the lower part of the Zamek
photo and caption © Jack Fields, 1999
This was a heavily wooded area with lots of unusual trees, plants, flowers, and a small Flora and Fauna Park.

This place was well looked after by the gardeners, who planted fresh flowers. There also was a little zoo.

Many Jewish people, including my family, took walks here on Saturday mornings to get a breath of fresh air.

Today, the Zamek is neglected; people prefer to drive a car on excursions.


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