Holocaust-Related Memorials

Przemyśl Jewish Cemetery


(photos: Mike Finlay, spring 1997; George Rosenfeld, July 1999)


Copyright © 1997 Mike Finlay
Mandel family monument

Erected by daughter and son-in-law
in memory of
father Aleksander Mandel,
mother Salomea née Mann,
& brother Jozef Stanislaw
murdered by Nazi Barbarians
August 1942.

Copyright © 1997 Mike Finlay
Ehrlich/Citron family monument

Ehrlich/Citron Family Memorial
Various names from both families listed
"Annihilated with no details known,
battered,  thrown into a ditch,
buried in a mass grave"

Copyright © 1999, George Rosenfeld

Erected in memory of 4,000 Jews
victims of the Nazi atrocities 1939-44
"In memory of my parents,
Efraim and Regina Katz,
and my brother Naftali
perished ca. December 23, 1942
— Jacob Katz.

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