Prenumerantum Lists for Krakes

Names of Jews from Krakes who subscribed to one of three out of a total of four books listed for Krok in Sefer haPrenumerantn by Berl Kagan. Those books are Imre Yakov, by Jakob Pralgever, published in Bilgoraj in 5671/1911, containing 21 names for Krakes; Mosde Yeshaya, Vol. 3, by Isaiah Zelig Halperin, published in Vilna in 5655/1895, containing 11 names for Krakes; and Zecker Chayim, by Hayim Nathan Shohet, published in Warsaw in 1895, containing 2 names for Krakes. Unfortunately Shir HaShirim, published in 1898, containing 15 names for Krakes, has not yet been located.

Last Name First Name and Patronymic Title and Organization Book
  David b. Lieb   Imre Yakov
  Rabbi Shmeril The Beth ha Midrash of Imre Yakov
  Reb Menachem Mendel   Zecker Chayim
  Reb Tzodok Eliezer b. HaRav Reb Shmaryahu   Zecker Chayim
  Yitzchak b. Lieb   Imre Yakov
Blumson Mote   Imre Yakov
Bunimovitz Falk   Imre Yakov
Bunimowitz Yehoshua Falk bar Reb Moshe Ha Rav Mosde Yeshaya
Chaimovitz Chaim Meir bar Moshe   Mosde Yeshaya
Felman Moshe Michel bar Baruch Yitzchak   Mosde Yeshaya
Fried Chaim ben Yakov   Imre Yakov
Fried Yakov   Imre Yakov
Gordon Chaim   Imre Yakov
Gordon Shmuel   Imre Yakov
Markus Moshe   Imre Yakov
Meirowitz Menachem Mendel bar Dovir Ha Rav Mosde Yeshaya
Meirowitz Mendel   Imre Yakov
Mirvis Moshe   Imre Yakov
Nevai Reb Yehuda bar Yosef For the Beit HaMidrash of Mosde Yeshaya
Nodil Shloma Mendil Shu"b (Shochet) Imre yakov
Notlevitz Rabbi Benzion Ha Rav ha Gaon Imre Yakov
Rez Zundel   Imre Yakov
Shatz Yosef Michel bar Moshe Matzkal   Imre Yakov
Sokolke Yosef   Imre Yakov
Straiz Moshe   Imre Yakov
Swevil Simeon bar Moshe   Mosde Yeshaya
Volpovitz Yitzchak bar Michel   Mosde Yeshaya
Weinik Samson bar Tzvi   Mosde Yeshaya
Weinstein Shmuel Yosef bar Yehuda Leib   Mosde Yeshaya
Weinstein Tzadik bar Yitzchak Aizik   Mosde Yeshaya
Weinstein Yeshaya   Imre Yakov
Weinstein Zadok   Imre Yakov
Wolpert Shabbatai   Imre Yakov
Wolpert Yosef   Imre Yakov


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