Krakes Jewish Cemetery

Krakes Jewish cemetery monument
Monument for Krakes Jewish Cemetery near entrance
Krakes Jewish cemetery
Regina Kopilevich studying tombstone

The following inscriptions were taken in the Krakes Jewish Cemetery by Chaim Bargman in September 1997 and by Regina Kopilevich in July 1996 and September 1999. They were transcribed by Ada Green. Only a handful of these tombstones contain surnames, in particular for those deaths that occurred between the two World Wars. At least half of the other surnames were able to be determined from Krakes death records at the Lithuanian State Historic Archives in Vilnius by comparing the Hebrew name and date on the tombstone with that in the death record. For purposes of identification, the surnames have been added to the information below in these cases. For deaths that occurred between 1922 and 1939, Ada Green was able to add additional information such as names of parents and age from the death registers of the Krakes rabbinate at the Lithuanian State Historical Archives. For unknown reason, there are a number of discrepancies between the date of death on the tombstone and the date of death in the metrical records, which has been noted in the comments column. Tombstone photographs accompany 14 of the deceased, all taken by Ada Green with the exception of Rochel Neche Mervis, which was taken by her descendant, Jonathan Mervis of London. The Krakes Jewish Cemetery is heavily overgrown with weeds. Many of the tombstones have fallen (some were face down) or are sinking into the ground, which required someone with a shovel to upright them or to dig away enough earth that the names and dates could be identified.


A-1  LIKHTENSHTEIN Yisrael ben Ephraim 7 Tishrei 1901, age 86 death record exists

A-2  TSITRON Abba ben Pesach 19 Tevet 1903, age 64 death record exists

A-3  FELMAN Baruch Yitzchak ben Tzvi 28 Adar 1907, age 88 death record exists

A-4  SLEZINGER Sarah Golda bat Moshe 18 Nisan 1907 (2nd day of Pesach), age 76 death record exists

A-5   Mariasha bat Tzvi 5 Tevet 1909 possibly the wife of Leyb GRUSHKA

A-6  EZERSKI Hinda bat Shmuel 19 Tevet 1907, age 83 death record exists

A-7  VAINTROIB Sarah Feiga bat Dov Leib 22 Iyar 1913, age 60 death record exists

A-8  MILLER Meir ben Yehoshua 12 Iyar 1914, age 60 death record exists

A-9   Malka bat Moshe 6 Av 1919

A-10 TZIMBEL Ana bat Ezrial Yakov 22 Cheshvan 1932

A-11 VOLPE Tzipe bat Nachman 15 Tishrei 1935 (2nd day of Sukkot), age 97 death record exists; wife of Yitzchak Reuvin VOLPE; daughter of Nachman KRAKINOVSKY and Chaya GIRSHON

B-1  NOVEKHOVICH Nisan ben Yakov HaCohen 9 Kislev 1901, age 84 death record exists

B-2  KAGAN Mordechai ben Moshe HaCohen 25 Iyar 1905, age 78 death record exists

B-3  ZIV Yitzchak ben Tzvi 27 Iyar 1905, age 82 died 29 Iyar 1905 according to death record; husband of Frada

B-4 EZERSKI Tanchum ben Eliezer 10 Tamuz 1905, age 72 death record exists

B-5  SHVARTS Feiga bat Moshe 14 Tishrei 1906, age 69  death record exists

B-6  ZIV (?) Frada bat Yakov 13 Adar 1907 probably Frade bat Ekel ZIV, who died 29 Adar 1907, age 81; death record exists; wife of Yitzchak

B-7 MERVIS Rochel Neche bat Yonah 6 Shevat 1919 wife of Shlomo Natan

B-8 FEINBERG Pese bat Baruch Yitzchak not legible

B-9 FARBER Sarah Feiga bat Bezalel 21 Tamuz 1934, age 70 death record exists; daughter of Tzalel RABINOVICH and Riva

B-10   destroyed

B-11   destroyed

C-1  FLEISHER Yisrael ben Tanchum 14 Shevat 1906, age 61 death record exists

C-2  SHASKOILSKI Frieda bat Yehuda 27 Av 1906, age 83 death record exists

C-3  GRAZUTIS Moshe Tzemach ben Yakov HaCohen 29 Cheshvan 1906, age 32 death record exists

C-4   Chaya Batia bat Yitzchak 29 Kislev 1907

C-5  KELMOVICH Tzerna bat Yakov 2 Tevet 1906, age 79 death record exists

C-6  VISNOVICH Rivka bat Zusman 6 Elul 1908 died 1 Elul 1908 according to death record; wife of Fayvush; age not mentioned, but was age 78 based on age 57 in 1887 family list 

C-7 OVSEYOVICH Yisrael Shlomo ben Avraham Leib 23 Nisan 1910

C-8 GORDON Yehuda Leib ben Yitzchak 23 Tevet 1925 died 13 Kislev 1924 according to death record; son of Yitzchak and Chana; age not mentioned, but was age 83 based on age 46 in 1887 family list

C-9   just a base

C-10 HOFENBERG Chana Miriam bat Zev 7 Shevat 1917

double stone
GREENBERG Shraga ben Yechezkial 5 Tevet 1920 husband

double stone
GREENBERG Pese bat Eliezer 6 Kislev 1920 wife

C-12 MERVIS Shlomo Natan ben Yakov 27 Tishrei 1925 husband of Roche Neche

C-13 SHEVTZ Zev ben Michal 29 Kislev 1922, age 50 died 24 Shevat according to death record; son of Michal and Zise

C-14 SHAYEVICH Chaya Yente bat Shmuel 3 Cheshvan 1927, age 64 died 4 Cheshvan according to death record; daughter of Shmuel SHEVTZ and Yudis CHAIT

C-15 SORENZON Etil Mirel bat Chaim 7 Shevat 1928, age 70 died 12 Shevat according to death record; daughter of Chaim YOFA and Mera GORDON

D-1  SHAPIRO Dina Miriam bat Tzvi 20 Nisan 1907, age 88 death record exists

D-2  FRIDMAN Dov ben Pinchas Benish 4 Iyar 1908 died 6 Iyar according to death record; age not mentioned on death record, but was age 59 based on age 38 in 1887 family list

D-3  SHAROV Chaim Shlomo ben Avraham Yitzchak 14 Elul 1908, age 44 death record exists

D-4   Eta bat Yehuda Leib 28 Sivan 1911

D-5 GORDON Roche bat Yehoshua Heschel 29 Adar 1927, age 95 died 4 Adar II and daughter of Shmuel KAGAN and Chaya SHTEYN according to death record

D-6  FELMAN Moshe Michal ben Baruch Yitzchak 13 Tevet 1925 died 23 Kislev 1924 according to death record; son of Boruch Yitzchak and Miriam; age not mentioned on death record, but was age 72 based on age 35 in 1887 Krakes family list

D-7 REZ Chana Sarah bat Moshe 6 Shevat 1922, age 74 died 25 Shevat according to death record; daughter of Moshe ABELSKI and Miriam

D-8   no inscription

D-9 KLENOVSKY Baruch ben Meir 19 Adar 1925

D-10 FARBER Badana bat Gutman 5 Elul 1926

D-11 SHASKOLSKY Rochel Rivka bat Zev 11 Cheshvan 1927, age 79 died 5 Cheshvan according to death record; daughter of Vulf CUKERMAN and Basa SHASKOLSKY

D-12 SHEVTZ Ita Rochel bat Yehuda Leib 3 Tevet 1926, age 70 died 24 Kislev according to death record; daughter of Leib GRUSHKA and Mariasha

D-13 WINIK Sarah Toiva bat Aharon 28 Shevat 1927

D-14 YABLONSKY Zelig ben Yehuda 14 Adar I 1927, age 68 died 22 Shevat according to death record; son of Leib and Gnese nee GOLDSHMID

D-15 FELMAN Tzipe bat Moshe Leib 29 Sivan 1936, age 75 death record exists; daughter of Moshe Leib FELMAN and Chaya Mushe PILVINISHKY

D-16 KARPOV Batia bat Michal 17 Tishrei 1936, age 61 death record exists; daughter of Michal TOKER and Dvora; sister of Aizik TOKER

E-1  SHAPIRO Yehuda Shlomo ben Yechezkial 21 Cheshvan 1908, age 75 death record exists

E-2  ZILBERMAN Chava bat Shraga 18 Shevat 1909, age 60 death record exists

E-3  NOVIKHOVICH Sheina bat Eliahu 21 Iyar 1911, age 55 died 22 Iyar according to death record; wife of Zusman

E-4  SHEVTS Michal ben Kadis 2 Tamuz 1911, age 70 died 5 Av according to death record

E-5  SHLIOMOVICH Chaya Pera bat Zalman 12 Elul 1912, age 55 died 10 Elul according to death record; wife of Khaim

E-6  GLIK Chaya Sarah bat Tzvi 29 Nisan 1910, age 70 daughter of David according to death record

E-7 FELDBERG Chaim Meir ben HaRav HaGaon Avraham Menachem 11 Sivan 1926, age 50 death record exists; son of Avraham FELDBERG and Chaya PIAZER; the great great grandson of Rabbi Avraham Ragoler, a brother of the Gaon of Vilna

E-8 KUSHNER Chaim Dovid ben Ben Tzion 8 Adar 1927, age 65 death record exists; son of Ben Tzion and Feiga nee GORDON

E-9 KLENOVSKY Yisrael ben Meir 24 Iyar 1933, age 79 death record exists; tombstone incorrectly says died 1924; son of Meir and Rive

E-10 VOLPERT Yosef Eliahu ben Binyamin 12 Adar 1934, age 60 death record exists; son of Binyamin and Beile

E-11 REZNIK Moshe Leib ben Shlomo Zalman 2 Shevat 1936, age 64 death record exists; son of Zalman and Ete

E-12 GOLDBERG Zelig ben Dovid 27 Sivan 1936, age 74 death record exists; son of David and Leja

E-13 GOLDSHMIT Moshe ben Yakov 2 Adar 1937, age 77 death record exists; son of Yankel and Rochel nee KELMOVICH

E-14 FEINBERG Eliahu ben Yisrael Aharon 7 Nisan 1937, age 98 death record exists; son of Yisrael Aharon and Leah

E-15 SHEVTZ Aharon Tzvi ben Daniel Erev Rosh Hashona 5698 (29 Elul 5697), age 57 died 28 Elul 1937 according to death record; son of Daniel and Ite nee GRUSKIN

F-1  GOLDBERG Sarah Tzerna bat Hillel 23 Cheshvan 1911 age 42 at death based on age 18 in 1887 Krakes family list

F-2 GRAZUTIS Rivka bat Tzemach 16 Sivan 1929, age 75 died 20 Sivan according to death record; daughter of Pesach Vulf and Sora nee KIRSHIN

G-1   Batia bat Ben Tzion 20 Tamuz 1910, age 70 died 27 Tamuz according to death record; surname not on tombstone or death record

G-2  VAINSHTEIN Chaim Menachem ben Yisrael Yechezkial 27 Nisan 1908, age 38  died 26 Nisan according to death record

G-3 GARBER Yehoshua Leib ben Menachem 16 Sivan 1919 was age 52 at death based on his age of 20 in 1887 family list

G-4 LISER Shmuel Yakov ben Yehuda Leib 25 Av 1926, age 76 2nd day of Tishrei according to death record, which is not correct; son of David and Chana

G-5 SHASKOLSKY Miriam bat Moshe 16 Iyar 1926, age 60 died 22 Iyar according to to death record; daughter of Moshe HOLTZMAN and Beila

G-6 TOKER Aizik Yosef ben Michal 1 Iyar 1932, age 75 husband; son of Michal and Dvora; brother of Batia KARPOV; death record exists

G-7 TOKER Rochel bat Tzvi 6 Cheshvan 1937, age 71 wife; daughter of Hirsh LURIE and Chiena Shprintze KELMOVICH; death record exists

G-8 WOLFSON Pesa Michla bat Yitzchak 22 Iyar 1938, age 67 daughter of Yitzchak VOLPOVICH and Sheine; death record exists

G-9   tomb bed only

G-10   ?

G-11   says only "our father"

H-1 GRUSHKI Meir ben Yitzchak Zelig 20 Sivan 1890, age 70 death record exists

H-2a  VAYNSHTEYN Feiga Liba bat Baruch 6 Cheshvan 1889, age 42 wife of Yehuda Leib; death record exists

H-2b  VAYNSHTEYN Yehuda Leib ben Yitzchak Aizik 6th day of Pesach 1889, age 43 husband of Feiga Liba; tombstone inscription says "our father"; died 20 Nisan 1889; death record exists

H-3   Toiva Rivka bat Tzvi 22 Av 1883

H-4   Hinda bat Aizik 2 Adar 1883

H-5 and H-6   not legible

H-7  SHEVTS (?) Kadish ben Michal 20 Tamuz, year not legible possibly could be Kadish son of Iokhel SHEVTS, who died 27 Tamuz 1874, age 50; death record exists

H-8 and H-9   no inscription

H-10   Yehuda ben Shlomo Nisan 1889 possibly could be Leyba son of Shmuel FAINBOUM, who died 30 Nisan 1889, age 64; death record exists

H-11   Feiga bat Zev ?

H-12 through H-14   no inscription

H-15   Etil bat Aharon 13 Iyar 1882

H-16   Sheitel bat Chaim 3 Adar 1882

H-17   no inscription

H-18   Chaim Chaikel ben Yakov HaLevi 21 Tamuz 1863

H-19   Rochel bat Shmuel no date

H-20  SHAPIRA Aharon Eliezer ben Shraga HaCohen 27 Iyar 1900, age 44 death record exists

H-21  GOLDBERG Yitzchak Zelig ben Avraham Yehuda 4 Iyar 1900, age 50 death record exists

H-22  BRET Isaiah ben Henoch 30 Shevat 1900, age 56 death record exists

H-23   Miriam Gitel bat Yosef 24 Tevet 1907

H-24  FAYNBERG (?) Leah bat Dov Shloma 17 Elul 1899 possibly could be Leah wife of Izrael FAYNBERG, who died 10 Elul 1899, age 80; death record exists

H-25  KAPLAN Leah bat Dov 18 Elul 1897, age 71 death record exists; wife of Faivush

H-26  SLOZBERG (?) or FAYNBERG (?) Avraham Shlomo ben Eliah date not on tombstone, age 27 a Shlioma Abram ben Eliash SLOZBERG or FAYNBERG died 27 Av 1896, age 26; death record exists

I-1   Chana Feiga bat Eliezer 16 Cheshvan 1891 possibly could be Khane bat Leizer ZIV, who died 26 Sivan 1890, age 19; death record exists

I-2   Yitzchak ben Yehuda Leib 20 Adar 1887 possibly could be Itska ben Leyb GORDON, who died 10 Adar I 1886, age 64; death record exists

I-3   Yitzchak Aizik ben Shmuel 29 Nisan 1888

I-4   Yisrael Aharon ben Yitzchak Zelig 18 Adar 1883

I-5   Moshe ben Tzvi 5 Kislev 1881

I-6   no inscription

I-7  LIURIA Tzvi ben Yeshayahu 6 Adar 1874, age 45 death record exists

I-8 through I-14   no inscription

I-15   Aiga bat Yechezkial 26 Shevat 1873

I-16  GOLDSHMID (?) Yosef ben Shmuel 15 Kislev 1877 likely to be Iosel ben Shmuel GOLDSHMID, who died 15 Tevet 1876, age 42; death record exists

I-17   no inscription

I-18   Chaim Yehuda ben Binyamin HaCohen 24 Iyar 1876

I-19 through I-21   no inscription

I-22   Hillel Zelig no other information

I-23 and I-24   no inscription

I-25   Meir Chaim ben Tzvi Cheshvan 1883

J-1   Moshe ben Yakov 11 Tevet 1893

J-2  KELMOVICH Gershon ben Shmuel 3 Iyar 1897, age 70 death record exists

J-3  BRAVERMAN Avraham Yehuda ben Mordechai 19 Adar I 1897, age 74 death record exists

J-4   Chiena Chana bat Michal 3 Nisan 1882

J-5 through J-22   no inscription

K-1   Chana Ester bat Sholem HaCohen 10 Nisan 1899 likely to be Khane LISER, who died 24 Nisan 1899, age 70; death record exists

K-2  LIPSHITS Meir ben Eliezer 5 Tevet 1897, age 47 death record exists

K-3 POLIUNSKI Yitzchak Zelig ben Moshe Aharon 6 Shevat 1895, age 38 death record exists

K-4  VAINSHTEIN Dvora bat Dov 8 Tamuz 1894, age 70 death record exists; wife of Aizik

K-5   Elka Gitel bat Yehuda 7 Elul 1905

K-6 through
  no inscription

L-1  ANTEZORSKI Malka bat Yehuda Leib 8 Tamuz 1904, age 64 maiden name GRUSHKA; death record exists

L-2  FEL Miriam bat Shmuel 23 Sivan 1904, age 82 death record exists

L-3   Chaia bat Meir 25 Kislev 1903

M-1  KAGAN Breina bat Aharon 11 Shevat 1899, age 73 death record exists; wife of Mordkhel

M-2  BARANOV Eliah ben Shaul 19 Shevat 1897, age 49 death record exists

M-3   Yakov ben Shmuel 16 Cheshvan 1906 or 1907 likely to be Shakhne ben Shmuel MULER, who died 18 Cheshvan 1907, age 15; death record exists

M-4   Aharon ben Yitzchak 29 Cheshvan 1896 likely to be Aharon ben Tsodik KELMOVICH, who died 30 Tishrei 1896, age 81; death record exists

M-5  KAGAN Yehuda Leib ben Yeshayahu HaCohen 26 Adar 1895, age 63 death record exists

M-6   no inscription

N-1  MATSKEL Gitel Chana bat Avraham Abba HaLevi 3 Tevet 1900, age 25 death record exists; wife of Mikhel

N-2   Keila Chaya bat Dov 3 Kislev 1892

N-3   Tzvi ben Shmuel 2 Shevat year not visible

O-1  SHIMANOVICH Lipman ben Yakov 1 Kislev 1913, age 34 death record exists

O-2   Sarah bat Zev 24 Av 1890

O-3  MARKOV Zev ben Shmuel 3 Nisan 1893, age 72 death record exists

O-4   no inscription

P-1  STROZH Chaya Michla bat Yakov 13 Elul 1908, age 23 death record exists

P-2   Elimelech Meir ben Nisan HaCohen 12 Shevat 1883

P-3 through P-11   not visible in the trees

P-12  KHAITOVICH Yechezkial Hillel ben Pesach HaCohen 9 Iyar 1904, age 69 death record exists

P-13  GRAZUTIS Eliezer Binush ben Yosef 25 Av 1912, age 12 death record exists

P-14  SHAPIRE Chana Rivka bat Uriah 17 Tevet 1904, age 70 wife of Leyb; death record exists and says daughter of Aron

P-15  GESEL Menucha bat Zorach 25 Nisan 1906, age 71 death record exists

P-16   Yehuda ben Aharon 3 Av 1906

P-17   Feiga bat Lapidot 19 Kislev 1908

P-18   Rivka bat Zev 10 Shevat 1902

P-19  SHVARTS Rasel bat Asher, age 53 3 Adar 1906 death record exists; should be 20 Shevat 1906

Q-1  MARGOLIUS Menucha bat Yehoshua Heschil 3 Cheshvan 1888, age 40  death record exists; wife of Abram

Q-2  FLEISHER Pesa Hoda bat Yehuda Leib 23 Kislev 1887, age 42  death record exists; wife of Izrael

Q-3   no inscription

Q-4   Sarah Chaya bat Pinchas 16 Shevat 1881

R-1   Dov ben Yisrael 9 Iyar 1907

R-2   Chaya Zelda bat Yakov 29 Nisan 1907

R-3  VOLPE (?) Chiena Chana bat Shabtai Dovid 10 Adar II 1900 death record exists; should be 24 Adar I 1900

R-4  SHAEVICH Shmuel ben Avraham 1 Nisan 1902, age 79 death record exists

R-5  ZIV Frieda bat Moshe 8 Tevet 1893, age 70 death record exists

R-6   Avraham Chaim ben Shraga Shemini Atzeret 1894

R-7   Miriam bat Yakov 1 HaMoad Pesach 1891

R-8   Batia Dvora bat Eliezer 14 Tishrei 1891

R-9 Dina Dreisel bat Tzvi Shachna 17 Tamuz 1892 death record exists of a Dreize KRIGER wife of Movsha who died 1 Tamuz 1892, age 60

R-10   Reiza Hinda bat Eliah 23 Cheshvan 1889

R-11   Gnese bat Shmuel 12 Tishrei 1880

R-12   not legible

R-13   Beile bat Avraham 7 Tishrei 1889

R-14   Ester bat Mordechai Iyar 1861 (?)

R-15  KRUVAND Mina bat Chaim 18 Adar 1888, age 80 death record exists; father's name was David according to death certificate

R-16   not legible

R-17  OVSEIOVICH Yenta bat Yechezkial 11 Tevet 1888, age 55 death record exists

R-18   not legible

R-19   Rivka bat Tzvi 8 Iyar 1886

R-20   not legible

R-21   no inscription

S-1   no inscription

S-2  GRINBLAT Sarah Dvora bat Meir 18 Kislev 1901, age 23 death record exists; wife of Iosel Leizer; tombstone inscription says she died at a young age and left a son and family

S-3   destroyed Nisan 1902

S-4  GRUSHKA Leah bat Yehuda Leib 7 Adar I 1902, age 72 death record exists; wife of Orel

S-5  KELMOVICH Toibe Hoda bat Chaim 29 Kislev 1901, age 73 death record exists

S-6  VISHNOVICH Yechezkial ben Avraham 1 Pesach 1900, age 76 death record exists; died 15 Nisan

S-7  EZERSKI Rochel Dvora bat Tanchum 5 Tevet 1899, age 18 death record exists

S-8  OVSHA Matla wife of Mordechai 8 Tamuz 1899, age 73 death record exists

S-9  MULER Shmuel ben Dov HaCohen 19 Adar 1898, age 37 death record exists

S-9a  FLEISHER Avraham ben Eliezer 16 Iyar 1899, age 51 death record exists

S-9b  NOVEKHOVICH Yosef Yitzchak ben Nisan HaCohen 25 Cheshvan 1898, age 45 death record exists

S-10  GORDON Zev ben Dovid HaLevi 14 Elul 1894, age 60 death record exists

S-11  SHMIT Yocheved bat Isser 20 Av 1894, age 35 death record exists

S-12   no inscription

S-13 KUSHNER Chaya Chase bat Gelman 13 Iyar 1893, age 25 death record exists

S-14   no inscription

S-14a   Toiva bat Tanchum last day of Pesach 1890

S-14b  GORDON Moshe ben Dov 2nd day of Pesach 1890, age 3 death record exists; died 16 Sivan

S-14c through S-14f   no inscription

S-15   Frieda Leah bat Avraham 3 Sivan 1892

S-16  SEGEL Eliezer ben Yitzchak 7 Av 1891, age 46 death record exists

S-17  KAPLAN Tzvi ben Zev 10 Adar II 1889, age 50 death record exists; date of death should be 27 Adar I

T-1  ZIV Yehuda ben Yehoshua 28 Cheshvan 1889, age 23 unmarried; death record exists

T-2   Pesa bat Aharon 23 Shevat 1909 (?)

T-3   Tzina bat Eliezer Iyar 1894 (?)

T-4   Feiga bat Moshe HaCohen 10 Nisan 1894

T-5  FRIDLIAND Katrial ben Binyamin 28 Shevat 1895, age 62 death record exists; Gabriel in death record

T-6   Sheina Frada bat Moshe HaCohen after Pesach 1895

T-7   Yosef ben Shlomo 7th day of Pesach 1894

U-1   Chaya bat Yehuda Leib 1 Iyar 1902

U-2  FELMAN Tzvi Yehuda ben Moshe Michal 15 Sivan 1894, age 2 death record exists

U-3   Yakov Reuvin ben Menachem Mendel Sivan 1883

U-4  MALDOVICH Dvora Hinda bat Menachem 8 Nisan 1892, age 6 death record exists

U-5  LISER Bluma bat Yakov 24 Adar 1892, age 6 death record exists

U-6   no inscription

double stone
 BER Yehuda Tzvi ben Yakov 25 Adar 1892, age 9 brother of Shraga Lipman; death record exists

double stone
 BER Shraga Lipman ben Yakov 2 Nisan 1892, age 4 brother of Yehuda Tzvi; death record exists


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