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Jewish Communities in the 19th and Early 20th Centuries in the Pale of Settlement of Russia and Poland, and in Lithuania, Latvia, Galicia, and Bukovina, with Names of Residents

Chester G. Cohen, Heritage Books, Inc., Bowie, Maryland, 1989

Krok, Krakes, N of Kovno

Northwest of and near Keidan. The nearby village Lentz was the birthplace of Abraham Nachman Shvartz, born 1872. In 1890 he married Golda Miriam Preil of Krok, sister of Krok rabbi yehoshua Yosef Preil. They moved to Novo Odess and then to Baltimore in the U.S. Kagan 7839. In an 1874 book about the rabbis of Krakow, the writer Zunz said that an earlier book on the same subject, by Fuenn in 1860, had mistakenly included a rabbi of Krok near Keidan along with the Krakow rabbis. Krok is also easily confused with Kruk, a shtetl farther north in Lithuania.


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