Krokers in Ellis Island Database

The following entries were compiled by Ada Green from the wonderful Jewish search page "Searching the Ellis Island Database (EIDB) in One Step" developed by Stephen Morse and Michael Tobias. Names are exactly as spelled in the EIDB. Ada has added a "correction" field and has noted any glaring spelling errors in it. Entries from both Krok/Kroki/Kroky (Krakes) and Kruk/Kruki/Kruki (Kriukai in the Sialuliai district of Lithuania) are included because there is no way of distinguishing between the two. There are people listed for Kruk who were actually from Krok, such as KUSCHNER, and there are people listed for Krok who were from Kruk, such as JANKOLOWITZ (YANKELOVICH on the 1883 Kriukai family list in the All Lithuania Database). Names from Krakiai, a small town in the Telsiai district, are also included because in the 1920's Krakiai was an alternate Lithuanian spelling of Krakes. Ada caught as many oddball spellings and typographical errors for these towns as she could, although there may be more that she don't know about. Note also that the Jewish search page developed by Stephen Morse and Michael Tobias is programmed to search only for passengers specifically listed as Hebrew. It will not search for Jewish passengers listed as Russian, Lithuanian, Polish, or even Hebrew abbreviated as "Heb." Thus there may be many other Krokers whose names do not come up with this particular search engine; you will have to search for them using the main Ellis Island search engine. Please send any additions and corrections to Ada Green. The entries that are shaded in grey are presumed to be from Krok (Krakes).


Surname First Name Town Year Age Correction
BENJAMINOWITZ Mowsche Kroki, Russia 1913 17y  
BERKOWICZ Jorach Kroky 1903 18y  
BERWITZ Beile Kroki, Russia 1910 24y  
BERWITZ Peisach Kroki, Russia 1910 20y  
BLUMENAU Itzig Kroky, Russia 1909 20y  
BLUMNAN Eidi Kroker, Russia 1913 19y  
BRODY Oscher Kroki 1903 28y  
BRONOW Abran Kruki, Russia 1913 33y Abran should be Abram
BRONOW David Kruki, Russia 1913 2m  
BRONOW Freide Kruki, Russia 1913 30y  
BUDNIK Gabriel Krok 1904 36y  
CAPLAN Ogc Kroki, Russia 1909 18y Ogc is probably Oga
CHAIMOWITZ Mojsche Kroki, Russia 1911 22y  
CHAIMOWITZ Raine Kroki, Russia 1911 23y  
CHAITOVIC Jankel Krikai, Lith. 1923 66y from Krok
CHAITOVIC Tauba Krikai, Lith. 1923 66y from Krok
CHAWES Leizer Kroki, Russia 1913 39y  
DAMSKY Francischek Kraky, Kowno 1909 21y  
DEMBO Mariasze Krok 1902 16y  
DEWLE Rosalie Kroki 1904 55y  
DUDIK Moische Kroki 1906 18y  
DUDIK Rase Kroki 1906 22y  
ELEISES Ester Krock 1906 1y  
ELEISES Lunchans Krock 1906 52y  
ELEISES Nucham Krock 1906 48y  
ELEISES Pese Krock 1906 17y  
FAITELOWITZ Chaiewe Kroke, Russia 1911 49y  
FAITELOWITZ Leie Kroke, Russia 1911 11y  
FAITELOWITZ Mere Kroke, Russia 1911 19y  
FAITELOWITZ Sofze Kroke, Russia 1911 9y  
FARBER Ioik Krakiai, Lithuan 1921 50y  
FARENBUCH Alter Krok 1904 33y surname FERENBOK in Krakes
FEIN Elio Kroky, Russia 1907 18y  
FEIN Gittel Kroki, Russia 1911 20y  
FEIN Nochen Krok, Russia 1910 19y  
FEINBERG Berle Krok 1903 17y  
FEINBURG Chloime Krok 1903 15y  
FEIZIN Soloman Krukau, Russia 1909 20y  
FERNBOK Chane Krok, Russia 1913 29y surname FERENBOK in Krakes
FERNBOK Schmiel Krok, Russia 1913 7y surname FERENBOK in Krakes
FERNBOK Selde Krok, Russia 1913 8y surname FERENBOK in Krakes
FINKELSTEIN Jente Kruki, Russia 1913 17y  
FINKELSTEIN Riwe Kruki, Russia 1913 18y  
FLEISCHER Berl Krok, Russia 1914 17y  
FRIDMAN Baseva Krakiai, Lithuan 1922 16y  
FRIDMAN Judas Krakiai, Lithuan 1922 13y  
FRIED Hazel Kroke 1905 16y  
FRIED Title Kroke 1905 14y  
FRIEDLAND Itzik Krok, Russia 1913 28y  
FRIEDMAN Ida Krakiai, Lithuania 1922 19y  
FRIEDMAN Isaar Krakiai, Lithuania 1922 16y  
FRIEDMAN Jochoed Krakiai, Lithuania 1922 56y first name should be Jochoved
GEIBOWITZ Guttman Kroke 1906 18y LIEBOWITZ?
GELLER Morsche Krok 1909 19y  
GERTNER Mordchel Kroki 1904 30y  
GILLUIAN Schlamnna Kroky 1905 19y  
GLICK David Kroki, Russia 1911 60y  
GLICK Tema Kroki, Russia 1911 23y  
GLUCK Sonie Freide Krok, Russia 1910 20y  
GOLDBERG Abram Krok, Russia 1907 35y  
GOLDBERG Chaje Kroki, Russia 1911 17y  
GOLDBERG Czerne Kroki 1905 19y  
GOLDBERG Hessel Krokz 1903 18y  
GOLDBERG Israel Kroki 1905 19y  
GOLDBERG Jakob Kroki, Russia 1911 53y  
GOLDMANN Zudel Kruk 1904 30y  
GOLDSCHINISDT Samuel Kroki, Russia 1913 20y  
GOLDSTEIN Abrahm Krok, Italy 1913 53y Abrahm should be Abraham; Italy is incorrect
GOLDSTEIN Elie Krok, Italy 1913 16y Italy is incorrect
GOLDSTEIN Michne Krok, Italy 1913 50y Italy is incorrect
GOLDZIN Rachel Krakiai, Lithuan 1922 17y  
GORDON Leib Krok 1904 30y  
GORDON Riwe Kroky, Russia 1913 17y  
GORDON Schmehe Kroky, Kowno 1908 26y  
GORDON Sore Kroky, Kowno 1908 21y  
GREINBERG David Groky 1906 18y from Kroky?
GREKIN Schmiel Kroki 1906 18y  
GRIN Seva Krukei, Lithuania 1922 20y  
GROSNTEO Morchel Kroki, Russia 1909 25y surname should be GRAZUTIS
GROSNTES Fanny Kroki, Russia 1909 18y surname should be GRAZUTIS
GRUNBERG Schmul Krok 1904 20y  
GRUSCHKE Alti Kreki, Poland 1920 38y town should be Kroki, Lithuania
GRUSCHKE Ciwie Kreki, Poland 1920 12y town should be Kroki, Lithuania
GRUSCHKE David Kreki, Poland 1920 8y town should be Kroki, Lithuania
GRUSCHKE Mordche Kreki, Poland 1920 40y town should be Kroki, Lithuania
GRUSCHKE Peisach Kreki, Poland 1920 5y town should be Kroki, Lithuania
GRUSCHKO Herschke Kroki 1901 16y  
GRUSKI France Krokord 1907 17y town should be Kroki, Lithuania
GRUSKI Shlome Krok, Russia 1904 30y  
GRUSKIN Hirsch Kroki 1904 31y  
GRUSKIN Anna Krok, Russia 1907 20y  
GRUSKIN Anna Krokin 1901 1y town should be Kroki, Lithuania
GRUSKIN Jone Krokin 1901 18y town should be Kroki, Lithuania
GRUSKIN Leibe Krokin 1901 0 town should be Kroki, Lithuania
GUTMAN Rive Kroki 1905 23y  
GUTMAN Roache Kroki 1905 inf  
HEGMANN Hirsch Kroki 1906 16y probably HEIMANN
HEIMAN Feije Kroky, Russia 1909 16y  
HEIMAN Mordchel Kroky, Russia 1909 18y  
HEIMANN Dine Kroky, Russia 1910 30y  
HEIMANN Feige Kroky, Russia 1910 17y  
HEIMANN Leib Kroky, Russia 1910 15y  
HEIMANN Malke Kroky, Russia 1910 55y  
HEIMANN Sundel Kroky, Russia 1910 65y  
HEIMANN Wigdor Kroky, Russia 1910 11y  
HURWITZ Reise Kruken, Russia 1906 24y  
HURWITZ Rose Kruken, Russia 1906 50y  
HURWITZ Ruchel Kruken, Russia 1906 21y  
HURWITZ Schmuel Kruken, Russia 1906 56y  
JABLONSKI Rifke Krokin, Russia 1912 18y town should be Krok (Kroki)
JABLOUSKI Schlaunie Krok, Russia 1912 22y surname should be JABLONSKI
JANKELOWICE Schmul Kruk, Russia 1911 21y surname YANKELOVICH in Kruk
JANKELOWICZ Esther Kroky, Rus. 1906 11m surname probably YANKELOVICH from Kruk
JANKELOWICZ Jossel Kroky, Rus. 1906 17y surname probably YANKELOVICH from Kruk
JANKELOWICZ Moische Kroky, Rus. 1906 2y surname probably YANKELOVICH from Kruk
JANKELOWICZ Pesche Kroky, Rus. 1906 25y surname probably YANKELOVICH from Kruk
JANKOLOWITZ Itsig Krok 1904 28y surname probably YANKELOVICH from Kruk
KAHAN Joseph Kroki, Russia 1911 31y
KAHAN Joseph Kroki, Russia 1911 31y
KAPLAN Abram Kroki, Russia 1912 18y
KAPLAN Chais Kroki, Russia 1911 33y name should be Chaim
KAPLAN Elias Kruky 1906 2y  
KAPLAN Jessel Kruky 1906 6y  
KAPLAN Jette Krokan 1905 20y  
KAPLAN Schaie Kroki, Russia 1911 9y  
KAPLAN Scheine Kruky 1906 30y  
KAPLAN Silde Kroki, Russia 1911 10y  
KAPLAN Sore Kroki, Russia 1912 21y  
KASELSKY Laser Kruk 1903 22y  
KASILSKAJA Reise Kruk, Russia 1910 16y  
KATZ Alex. Krukli, Lith. 1922 36y  
KATZ Enta Kruki, Russia 1912 25y  
KATZ Rebeca Krukli, Lith. 1922 19y  
KATZ Sorsa Kruki, Russia 1912 20y  
KATZ Sossa Kruki, Russia 1912 20y  
KESINSKI Basse Kruk, Russia 1912 15y  
KESINSKI Beile Kruk, Russia 1912 28y  
KESINSKI Jekel Kruk, Russia 1912 16y  
KESINSKI Lore Kruk, Russia 1912 61y  
KESINSKI Rochel Dine Kruk, Russia 1912 13y  
KEUSCHNER Golde Krok, Russia 1910 17y surname should be KUSCHNER
KLENOWSKI Mordche Krok 1904 18y  
KLWANSKY Motel Krok 1906 19y

surname KLIBANSKY on passenger manifest

KRAWEG Moses Kroki, Russia 1910 23y surname should be KRAWITZ
KRAWETZ Schaje Kroki, Russ. 1913 18y  
KRAWITZ Orel Krok, Russia 1912 20y  
KRIEGER Hersch Krok, Russia 1910 17y  
KRINGEL Tunnir Krukind 1903 20y  
KUSCHNER Chazkel Kruk 1904 35y from Krok not Kruk
KUSCHNER Gdalji Kroki 1905 18y  
KUSCHNER Hirsch Kruk 1904 30y from Krok not Kruk
LEHWARTZ Chane Kruky 1906 11y surname should be SCHWARTZ
LEHWARTZ Kalmen Kruky 1906 50y surname should be SCHWARTZ
LEHWARTZ Lilienie Kruky 1906 21y surname should be SCHWARTZ
LEHWARTZ Lore Kruky 1906 8y surname should be SCHWARTZ
LEHWARTZ Molke Kruky 1906 50y surname should be SCHWARTZ
LEWIN Dora Krok 1903 18y  
LIEBMANN Hillel Krukke, Russia 1910 17y  
LIFSCHITZ Leybe Krok 1906 36y  
LIFSCHITZ Hode Krock 1906 11y  
LIFSCHITZ Jtzik Krock 1906 9y should be Itzik
LIFSCHITZ Sore Krock 1906 34y  
LIFSCHITZ Sroel Krock 1906 11m  
LUKJANOWSKY Abram Kruki, Russia 1912 11y 6m  
LUKJANOWSKY Feiga Kruki, Russia 1912 35y  
LUKJANOWSKY Isser Kruki, Russia 1912 11m  
LUKJANSWSKY Abram Kruki, Russia 1912 11y 6m  
LUKJANSWSKY Feiga Kruki, Russia 1912 35y  
LUKJANSWSKY Isser Kruki, Russia 1912 11m  
LUNRICK Peissach Kroki 1904 35y  
MARKMANN Isser Krok, Russia 1913 18y  
MATZMANN Ester Kroki 1899 16y surname should be MARKMANN
MATZMANN Pease Kroki 1899 11y surname should be MARKMANN
MEIRKMANN Nochem Kroki, Russia 1911 20y surname should be MARKMANN
MELLER David Kroki 1905 17y  
MERVIS Ben Kroky, Russia 1906 17y  
MICHAELS Alte Kroki 1903 25y  
MILLER Chaie Kroki, Russia 1910 18y  
MILLER Rachel Kroki, Russia 1909 20y  
MOLK Chane Krok, Russia 1912 45y  
MOLK Dwoive Krok, Russia 1912 20y  
MOLK Schaje Krok, Russia 1912 18y  
MOLK David Grock, Russia 1910 16y should be Krok
MOLK Dawid Prock, Russia 1911 20y probably should be Krok
MOLK Nosen Krak, Russia 1907 19y should be Krok
MULER Srul Krok 1906 18y  
MULLER Welwel Krok, Russia 1909 25y  
NOROSKOWITZ Lipa Kroki, Russia 1914 18y  
NOWOCHANIZ Miche Freide Kruk, Russia 1912 20y from Krok not Kruk
NOWSCHOWITZ Chaike Krok 1905 8y  
NOWSCHOWITZ Reize Krok 1905 45y  
NOWSCHOWITZ Rochke Krok 1905 10y  
OFSE Roche Kroki 1905 18y surname OVSIOVICH in Krakes
PERL Dvoire-Broche Krokiai, Lith. 1923 59y  
POLNISKZ Mste L... Krok, Russia 1910 15y surname should be POLIUNSKY
POLNISKZ Paic Krok, Russia 1910 53y name should be Paia POLIUNSKY
POLONSKI Mosze Kroki 1904 21y  
POLUNSKI Josef Krok 1904 19y  
REIZIN Ane Krek 1904 27y probably REYSEN from Kruk (Kriukai)
RUFF Jitte Krok, Rus. 1906 11m  
RUFF Maier Kroky 1905 18y  
RUFF Riffke Krok, Rus. 1906 20y  
RUFFO Beines Krok, Rus. 1906 18y surname should be RUFF
SCHALENER Nasse Krok, Russia 1910 11m  
SCHALENER Pesse Krok, Russia 1910 19y  
SCHAPERR Elke Idroki 1905 9y SHAPIRO from Krok
SCHAPERR Hode Idroki 1905 40y SHAPIRO from Krok
SCHAPERR Itka Idroki 1905 5y SHAPIRO from Krok
SCHAPERR Toske Idroki 1905 7y SHAPIRO from Krok
SCHIO...ITZ Jankel Krokz 1907 15y SHAYEVICH from Krok?
SCHMIDT Chane Krok 1906 18y  
SCHMIDT Ester Feigl Kroky, Russia 1910 21y  
SCHMIDT Israil Krok 1906 54y  
SCHMIDT Duschel Krock 1900 23y from Krok
SCHMIDT Schlosime Krock 1900 25y name should be Schloime; from Krok
SCHMIED Chaine Kroki, Russia 1911 20y  
SCHMIED Meyer Kroki, Russia 1911 16y  
SCHMIED Pesse Kroki, Russia 1911 44y  
SCHMIEDT Rassel Groki, Russia 1914 18y should be Kroki
SCHULER Chaje Kroky, Russia 1910 21y  
SCHULER Chatzkel Kroky, Russia 1910 16y  
SCHUR Ette Kroky, Russia 1913 8y  
SCHUR Feige Kroky, Russia 1913 30y  
SCHUR Hersch Kroky, Russia 1913 2y  
SCHUR Hode Kroky, Russia 1913 5y  
SCHUSTER Berke Krok, Russia 1909 3y  
SCHUSTER Chone Krok, Russia 1909 7y  
SCHUSTER Feige Krok, Russia 1909 25y  
SCHWARTZ Gtzig Kroky 1905 21y name should be Itzig
SCHWARTZ Ellie Kruk 1903 16y  
SEIMEL Feige Kruki, Russia 1911 17y  
SHUR Abram Krokiai, Lithuan 1922 16y  
SHUR Riva Krokiai, Lithuan 1922 46y  
SHUR Savel Krokiai, Lithuan 1922 11y  
SHUR Shie Krokiai, Lithuan 1922 14y  
SIEGEL Bonze Krokinan 1903 15y  
SIEGEL Peshe Krokinan 1903 11y  
SIF Salmen Kroky, Russia 1914 20y  
SOLOMAN Hirsch Krok, Russia 1910 17y  
SORENSOHN Abram Kroky, Russia 1907 19y  
TOCKER Israel Kruski 1904 31y should be TOKER from Kroki
VEREUBOCK Chaim Kroky, Russia 1909 28y surname should be FERENBOK
VISNEWITZ Aaron Krakias, Lithuania 1922 13y from Krakes (Krok)
VISNEWITZ Joseph Krakias, Lithuania 1922 17y from Krakes (Krok)
VISNEWITZ Sarah Krakias, Lithuania 1922 33y from Krakes (Krok)
VOGEL Moysche Kruki 1906 30y  
WALTMANN Malke Kroki 1905 20y  
WEISS Salomon Krakes 1904 16y  
WELTMAN Aaron Krokin, Russia 1910 16y  
WELTMAN Choie Krokin, Russia 1910 47y  
WISCHNIEWSKI Jossel Kruk 1905 21y  
WOLPE Peisach Krok, Russia 1910 20y  
WOLPOWTZ Chaim Krok 1904 28y surname should be WOLPOWITZ
ZUKERMAN Julius Krekai 1906 15y  

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