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Valley of the Lost Communities - Yad Vashem

(Krakes/Krok top right)
Krakes1.JPG (12025 bytes) Valley of the Lost Communities - Yad Vashem (Close-up)
kroki2.JPG (13497 bytes) Kroki memorial plaque (centre) in the Chamber of the Holocaust on Jerusalem's Mt. Zion Plaque on the wall of Kaunas Synagogue commemorating Lithuanian Jewish Communities and their yarzheit date. Krok is on the blue plaque, right column, fifth town down on the list. Next to it is its yarzheit date - 10 Elul 1941
krakes5.jpg (73430 bytes) Road from Kedainiai to Krakes krakes6.jpg (88399 bytes) Entrance to Krakes, Ada Green standing by the sign
krakes7.jpg (102024 bytes) Entrance to Krakes, Ada Green standing by the sign krakes8.jpg (85642 bytes)krakes13.jpg (119484 bytes)krakes11.jpg (74858 bytes)krakes9.jpg (82223 bytes)krakes14.jpg (89376 bytes)krakes42.JPG (7186 bytes)  



Krakes town centre

krakes20.jpg (97442 bytes) Krakes library and post office on the grounds where the synagogue once stood krakes18.jpg (131310 bytes) Krakes - Ada Green with woman who remembered the Mervis family
krakes22.jpg (45749 bytes) Guide Regina Kopilevich studying tombstone in Krakes Jewish Cemetery krakes24.jpg (41874 bytes)krakes23.jpg (182290 bytes)krakes21.jpg (175262 bytes)krakes25.jpg (172782 bytes) Krakes Jewish Cemetery

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The tombstone of Chaim Meir ben HaRav HaGaon Avraham Menachem FELDBERG, who died on 1 Sivan 1926. He was the great great grandson of Rabbi Avraham Ragoler, a brother of the Gaon of Vilna.
See Eliyahu's Branches: The Descendants of the Vilna Gaon and His Family by Chaim Friedman of Petah Tikvah, Israel, published by Avotaynu, Inc. in 1997.
Email: fridman@sharenet.co.il
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Krakes pastoral scenes
tokkrak2.jpg (59590 bytes)tokkrak3.jpg (72356 bytes) Yitzack & Rochel Tocker's Tombstones in the Krakes Jewish Cemetery
(Great Grandparents to the creator of this site, Trevor Tucker)
krakes32.jpg (126879 bytes) Krakes Catholic Church
krakes29.jpg (123068 bytes) Krakes mass grave site, Russian (right) and Jewish monuments krakes31.jpg (138140 bytes) Krakes mass grave sight, Jewish monument
krakes34.jpg (167032 bytes)krakes35.jpg (68833 bytes) Krakes mass murder sight krakes36.jpg (56226 bytes) Russian memorial at Krakes mass grave site
anstey.jpg (39652 bytes) Memorial to Antezorsky family at Krakes mass grave site, erected by Anstey family, 9th August 1999

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