Gorodok, Ukraine

"Greiding", “Grayding” “Graydung”, “Graydunk” (Yiddish), (Hebrew) הורודוק

Horodok” [Ukr] Городок ,Gorodok” [Rus] , "Gorodok-Proskurovskiy” [Rus], “Gródek” [Pol]

Region: Podolia

Lat: 49°10’ N, Long: 26°34' E






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Compiled by Marc Goldberger and Steven Schreiber

Updated: May 2016

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Photos from 2015 visit to Gorodok.


In 2015 my wife and I visited Gorodok. In addition to our able Romanian driver and Ukrainian interpreter, we were joined by two members of the remaining Jewish community (approximately 30 people), who served as guides for us and to whom we are greatly indebted. Not to our surprise, much imagination is needed to visualize what Gorodok was like 100 years ago. The only physical evidence of the Jewish community from that period is the cemetery.

The photos of 19th and early 20th century Gorodok were provided to us by the Horodok (Gorodok) Museum. We greatly appreciate the museum for its generosity.

Steven Schreiber

Gorodok Photos 2015.docx 


Gorodok Photos 19th and Early 20th Centuries.docx




Research: Projects, Documents and Databases


Family Names in Gorodok


Tombstones of Gorodok




Khmelnytskyi Oblast


·        Wikipedia Article

·        Ukrainian Website  see  http://nashgorodok.km.ua/



Gorodok Raion, Khmelnytskyi Oblast


·        Wikipedia Article

·        Ukrainian Website see  http://nashgorodok.km.ua/



Gorodok City


·        Wikipedia Article

·        Ukrainian Website see  http://nashgorodok.km.ua/




·        KehilaLinks Directory –Ukraine

·        JewishGen Shtetls

·        JewishGen Ukraine Database

·        JewishGen Horodok/Gorodok Town Page

·        History of the Jews in Podolia



·        Topographic Maps of Eastern Europe – An Atlas of the Shetl. The maps, 1812-1932, are from the collection at the Library of Congress, courtesy of the website: “Topographic Maps of Eastern Europe – An Atlas of the Shetl” located at www.easteurotopo.org. We are greatly indebted to Hap Ponodel, the manager of that website, for providing us the maps of Gorodok along with many helpful explanations. We encourage our readers to explore the many resources of that website.

Gorodok is located on the maps below by a vertical red arrow. Once you find the arrow you can center the page on the arrow then magnify the view to see map details. Information at the bottom of the maps was provided by Mr. Ponodel. Better resolution and easier navigation can be found by going to the website link that is indicated for each map and then using the “zoom viewer” feature. As you will see there are many different spellings of Gorodok.

·        1812 Map

·        1820 Map

·        1877 Map

·        1902 (1867) Map

·        1932 Map


·        Khmelnytskyi Oblast (province) shown in pink in present day Ukraine (Source: Wikipedia)


·        Ukraine in Russia 1917 (Source: Wikipedia)


·        Polish Lithuanian Commonwealth 1648 (Source: Wikipedia)


·        Russian Empire Map 1800-40 Podolskaya Province  (Source:Wikipedia)


·        Map of Ukraine 1882 (Source: The Federation of East European Family History Societies)


·        Map of Podolia 1910 (Source: Eötvös University, Department of Cartography and Geoinformatics, Hungary)




·        Jewish Virtual Library


·        Encyclopedia of Ukraine


·        Wikipedia

Other Research Resources


·        Routes to Roots


·        Yad Vashem


·        Yivo Institute


·        The Central Zionist Archives


·        The Central Archive for the History of the Jewish People


·        Family History Library


·        Ancestry.com


·        Ellis Island


·        Jewish Genealogical Society


·        The U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum


·        New York County Landsmanshaftn


·        Ghetto Fighters’ House Museum



Pictures from Gorodok


Here is a photo collection of Gorodok from the internet.








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