Židikai, Lithuania
  Alternate names: Zhidik [Yid], Zhidiki [Rus], Zydyki [Pol], Židiku, Zidik, Zidikiai, Zydikiai 56°19' 22°01'
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We travel through Židikai towards the Museum of Satrijos Ragana and turn left. A few hundred metres onwards you will see a large new church on your right hand side with a large Christian cemetery. Drive on another kilometer or so and you will see in the right hand side a field that has a large amount of silver birch trees in the middle of it. Turn right and literally scramble over a ditch and some farmland and you will drive towards what was the Jewish cemetery of Židikai and probably other local Shtetls. It is the most incredible cemetery that I have ever been to.
"Our guide told us that he would take us to the old Jewish cemetery which was nearby. We drive past a huge church and an ornate Christian cemetery and drove further on down the road into farmland.
The old Jewish cemetery is located in the middle of a field surrounded by silver birch trees. We literally had to drive down a bumpy farm track to get to the cemetery. It has no opening or entrance, you kind of have to clamber over bushes and wild small strawberry plants to get inside the haven of the trees that kind of seem to be protecting the gravestones. In a strange way it seems that while the gravestones look very unkempt the shrubs had been cut recently – we wonder why?" (Thoughts on Židikai, Miki Lentin, November 2005)