Židikai, Lithuania
  Alternate names: Zhidik [Yid], Zhidiki [Rus], Zydyki [Pol], Židiku, Zidik, Zidikiai, Zydikiai 56°19' 22°01'
On the Way First Impressions My Discovery Nearby Video of Cemetery
Our Family
"The view of the graveyard from the outside was incredible. We positioned ourselves far away in a field where we took some photos of the graveyard, It was surrounded by birch trees all the way around and was in the middle of farmland which looked as if it had been tilled quite regularly. It seemed so peaceful there, so quiet, so at one with the earth and its surroundings. But the location was strange. I felt that it had been placed in the middle of nowhere, far away from the Christian graveyard and far away from the town, far away from everything else. Was that because it was unwanted or was it used as a graveyard for Jews from surrounding villages as well. Again unanswered questions." (Thoughts on Židikai, Miki Lentin, November 2005)
"Inside the graveyard, I had a feeling of belonging. After a while there was a sense of familiarity about the place. The trees, gravestones, surroundings looked, felt familiar. They were all sodden and wet from the constant rain, but yet we were sheltered by the trees and shrubs. I did feel like we were walking on history. We didn’t know whose graves we were treading on at all. Who had been buried there, here? Where is this grave’s gravestone? I felt a need to know and search for more." (Thoughts on Židikai, Miki Lentin, November 2005)