Židikai, Lithuania
  Alternate names: Zhidik [Yid], Zhidiki [Rus], Zydyki [Pol], Židiku, Zidik, Zidikiai, Zydikiai 56°19' 22°01'
Our Family

From the Tax and Voters list, we found that Zalman Lentin (my great great grandfather) lived in Židikai and was married to Bassia Lentin (nee Tooch/Tuch). They had 6 children in the family Max, Marcus, Kalman, Isaac, Jacob and Dora. Zalman is described as a well to do Butcher.

We believe that our family name Lentin, comes from two villages called Lentiny in Telshiai and Lentyni in Rasseinai. We believe that one of our ancestors had a leasehold on the tax farming or on a wayside inn in one of those villages and that in 1809/10 when they were obliged to take family names, they took their from the village. The source for this is the Dictionary of Jewish names from the Russian Empire by Dr Alexander Beider.

This is the initial link to the Jewish Gen link where we found information on the Lentin family in Židikai. After clicking on it enter Lentin, select Start Search, and select Tax and Voters List – http://www.litvaksig.org/component/litvaksearch/?view=ald

Zalman’s father was Abram. Zalman’s children included Kalman. Kalman eventually left Židikai as a 15 year old and went to settle in Ireland. Essentially, he escaped the press gangs that were recruiting for the Russian army. He left via Liepaja, a port on the West of Lithuania and onto England and then Ireland.