Židikai, Lithuania
  Alternate names: Zhidik [Yid], Zhidiki [Rus], Zydyki [Pol], Židiku, Zidik, Zidikiai, Zydikiai 56°19' 22°01'
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Our Family
"What we have discovered is truly amazing. I well up with emotion and it kind of hits me and takes over my senses for a few minutes and I’m now running on complete adrenalin going to every gravestone to see if I can find great great grandfather Zalman’s grave. It must be nearby – all husbands and wives are buried next to each other – where is it, why can’t I find it? I then start to wonder why is it that all or most of the gravestones are female? At least the majority are. Maybe its some thing that when the Christians stole the gravestones for their own use they decided to leave the female ones? If it is his wife or daughter then his MUST be close by, but I can’t find it anywhere." (Thoughts on Židikai, Miki Lentin, November 2005)