Újfehértó Religious Leaders

The first rabbi mentioned as serving the community of Újfehértó seems to have been Rabbi Chaim Meir Ze'ev ZELENFREUND, who served from 1822 to 1825. From there he went on to accept a position in Vinrhoadiv/Sevlus.

In 1881, Rabbi Naphtali Hertska ZILBERMAN accepted the position of Rabbi of Újfehértó. Many people sought his blessings, as he was known as a miracle worker. After his death, in 1897, his sons refused to accept his vacated position. Therefore, his stepson, Rabbi Shaul ROSENBERG, was appointed Rabbi of Újfehértó, a position he held for 45 years. After his passing, his son, Rabbi Amrom ROSENBERG, became chief rabbi.

Around 1898, the famed Hasidic leader, Rabbi Sholom Eliezer HALBERSTAM, set up his court in Ratzfert (Újfehértó). Over time, hundreds flocked to seek his guidance. He was murdered in Auschwitz, at the age of 82.

During WWI, another famed Hasidic rabbi had his court in Ratzfert (Újfehértó): Rabbi Yissachar Dov ROKEACH, also known as the "Belzer Rebbe." He was one of Galicia's greatest religious leaders, fleeing his hometown of Belz and arriving in Ratzfert towards the end of the summer of 1914, where he remained until Nisan 5677 (March/April 1917), after which he moved on to Munkács. During his years in Ratzfert, the village vibrated with Hasidic Jewish life.

Following are photographs and brief narratives of those who served the spiritual needs of Újfehértó.

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Rabbi Sholom Leizer HALBERSTAM
Courtesy: Paul LINHARDT, USA
photographer unknown

(Head of Hasidic court in Ratsfert)

Rabbi HALBERSTAM was in his 90s when he was transported to Auschwitz and murdered. Click HERE for additional information.
Courtesy: Yad Vashem Archive,
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Rabbi of Újfehértó

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Rabbi Moshe TEITELBAUM z"l
Credit: The Guardian, 2002
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Rabbi Moshe TEITELBAUM was born in Ratzfert and is best known as the author of Beirach Moshe, a five-volume Hasidic commentary of the Bible. Click HERE for additional information.

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