Újfehértó Religious Locations

Újfehértó had a synagogue, mikvah and cemetery.
The Jews of Újfehértó worshiped in the village synagogue
and were usually buried in the village cemetery.
(Refer to the map below)

General Map of Újfehértó c. 1910
Map: Copyright ©2009 by Marshall J. KATZ,
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47°48'06.77"N 21°39'32.39"E
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Újfehértó Religious Locations in 1870
Source: Újfehértó Zsidósagá
by Jozsef BUCZKO, Hungary
Varosi Muzeum, Újfehértó, HU - Copyright © 1998

Annotated from memory by Jozsef BUCZKO, Hungary

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1 = Synagogue, 2 = Slaughterhouse, 3 = Rabbi's house, 4 = Jewish school, 5 = Mikvah, 6 = Shochet's house

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